G32 Driver Profile

Vince Hawtree
DOB:             October 1959
Occupation:   Computer Engineer
Hometown:    Rochford, Essex

Motor-sport History
1970's Chanced upon an Autocross as a youngster, climbed a tree to get a better view.
1980 – 1981: A friend had a rally car with stickers and a roll-cage, inspired I joined Wickford Auto Club. Bought a red Simca Rallye (it wasn't very fast but looked the part). Did lots of 12 Car Rallies and Autotests plus a Stage Rally and an Autocross.
1982 – 1986: Purchased a MK1 Escort (if you can't beat them join them). Started with Autocross, then as I improved Stage Rallying. The 1986 season came to a premature end when Alan Jones spun in-front of me destroying the front of my Escort.
1987: Rebuilt the Escort with an own design space frame front end. Almost got an FTD in Peters Pit, but beaten by Wug Utting on the last timed run, then finished second in another Autocross (never did get an FTD). Spun in another Autocross and collected by Mike Bedwell, (this is getting silly, may as well go proper racing!)
1988 -1989: With the help of Javalin Computer Services (thank you John) competed in the BARC Modified Saloon Car Championship.
1990: Sold the Escort and purchased a standard road-going Ginetta G32 with a view to quiting motor-sport, did a few Sprints.
1991 – 1993: 750 Motor Club Road Going Sports Car Championship plus a few Sprints.
1994: Cars and Car Conversions Southern Speed Championship, 1st overall.
1996: Ginetta Sprint and Hillclimb Championship, 1st overall.

1998: Ginetta Sprint and Hillclimb Championship, 1st in class.
2004 – 2006: Concorde Autograss, Stock Hatch Vauxhall Nova GTE.
2008: Resurrected my G32 and did a few Sprints.

Converted the G32 to Autocross spec.

2010: Home Counties Autocross Championship, 1st in class.

2011 - 2013:   DELADO Rally-sprints.