Giancarlo Spagnolo

Hello visitor, welcome to my homepage! I am a Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics and Finance of the University of Rome Tor Vergata, a Fellow of EIEF, and a Research Fellow of SITE, CEPR and MaCCI

A cool new e-book: Procurement in Focus: Rules, Discretion, and Emergencies; also read the Vox column
Another cool book: Handbook of Procurement, also in Russian :-)

New/freshly revised papers

Indirect Savings from Public Procurement Centralization with C. Lotti, A. Muço and T. Valletti under revision for the American Economic Journal- Economic Policy

Cartels and Bribes, with R. Burguet and E. Iossa

Prostitution and Violence: Evidence from Sweden. with M. Berlin, G. Immordino, F. Russo

Relational Contracts, Competition and Collusion ,with G. Calzolari

Relational Contracts, Competition and Innovation: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers with G.Calzolari, L.Felli, J. Koenen, K.O. Stahl

Past Performance and Procurement Outcomes with F. Decarolis and R. Pacini

Memory and Markets with S. Kovbasyuk, second revision for the Review of Economic Studies

Relative Performance Evaluation, Sabotage and Collusion, with M. Bloomfield and C. Marvao, second revision for the Journal of Accounting and Economics

Recent Publications - google scholar citations page here

Certification, Reputation and Entry: an Empirical Analysis, with M. Saeedi, S. Tadelis and Hui,
NBER Working Paper No. 24916, forthcoming in to the American Economic Journal – Microeconomics.

Whistleblower Rewards, False Reports, and Corporate Fraud (W.P Version) with P. Buccirossi and G. Immordino,
forthcoming in the European Journal of Law and Economics.

Buyers' Role in Innovation Procurement (W.P. Version ) with F. Decarolis, G. de Rassenfosse, L.M. Giuffrida, E. Iossa, V. Mollisi,

E. Raiteri, forthcoming in the Journal of Economics and Management Strategies

Assessing alternative indicators for Covid-19 policy evaluation, with a counterfactual for Sweden, with C. Latour F. Peracchi, PLoS ONE 17(3)
Myths and Numbers on Whistleblower Rewards, (W.P.Version) with T. Nyrerod, in Regulation and Governance, 2021, 15 (1): 82-97
The Impacts of Stricter Merger Legislation on Bank Mergers and Acquisitions: Too-Big-To-Fail and Competition, (W.P. Version)
with E. Carletti, S. Ongena and J.P. Siedlarek, in the Journal of Financial Intermediation, vol 46, 202

Leniency and Damages: Where is the Conflict? (W.P. Version) with P. Buccirossi, C. Marvâo,
in the Journal of Legal Studies, 49(2),2020, 335-379

Past Performance and Entry in Procurement: an Experimental Investigation, (W.P. Version) with J.Butler, E.Carbone and P. Conzo, in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organizations, 2020, 173: 179-195”
Bureaucratic Competence and Procurement Outcomes, (W.P. Version) with F. Decarolis, L. Giuffrida, E. Iossa, V. Mollisi,
in the
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 36(3), 2020,537-597.
Motivating Whistleblowers (W.P.Version) with J. Butler and D. Serra, in Management Science, 2020, 66 (2): 503-1004
Frequency of Interaction, Communication and Collusion: An Experiment (W.P, Version) with M. Bigoni and J. Potter’s,
Economic Theory 2018, 120(3): 826-858
Court Efficiency and Procurement Performance (W.P.Version) with D. Coviello, L. Moretti and P. Valbonesi,
in the
Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2018, 120 (3): 826-858
The Effect of Discretion on Procurement Performance (W.P. version) with D. Coviello and A. Guglielmo,
Management Science, 2018, 715–738
Leniency, Collusion, Corruption, and Whistleblowing (W.P. Version) with R. Luz,
in the
Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2017, 13(4): 729-766
Privatization and Quality: Evidence from Elderly Care in Sweden with M. Bergman. P. Johansson and S. Lundberg,
the Journal of Health Economics, September 2016, 49: 109–119
Trust, Leniency and Deterrence (W.P. Version) with M. Bigoni, S.-O. Fridolfsson, and C. LeCoq,
in the
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 2015, 31(4): 663-689

Time Horizon and Cooperation In Continuous Time (W.P. version) With M. Bigoni, M. Casari and A. Skrzypacz,
Econometrica, 2015, 83(2): 587-616