I am a Professor of Economics 
& (
on leave from
) the
Fellow of EIEF, and a and a 
 Fellow of CEPR.

New/freshly revised paper
With D. Serra and J. Butler
With F. Decarolis and R. Pacini
With S. Kovbasiuk
Recent Publications   (google scholar citations page here)
With D. Coviello, L. Moretti and P. Valbonesi, in the Scandinavian Journal of Economics
With M. Bergman, P. Johansson and S. Lundberg, in the Journal of Health Economics2016, Vol.49: 109119
The Effect of Discretion on Procurement Performance (W.P. version)
With D. Coviello and A. Guglielmo, forthc. in Management Science.
With M. Bigoni, S.-O. Fridolfsson, and C. LeCoq, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, 2015, 31(4): 663-689
With M. Bigoni, M. Casari and A. Skrzypacz, Econometrica, 2015, 83(2), 587-616
With M. Dufwenberg, Economic Inquiry, 2015, 53(2), 836-853
A cool book: Handbook of Procurement, now also in Russian :-)