GeoGebra Tube

The quickest way to find GeoGebra files to use is a new feature with GeoGebra 4 - a searchable site called GeoGebraTube.

Quick demonstration sketch: quadratic function in vertex form. (On GeoGebraTube) The link will take you to the teacher page, which may have some information about the sketch, related sketches, link to the author's profile, etc. From this page you can either download the file to run in your program, or click the Student Page to run in the browser. The program can run many sketches simultaneously, but the student pages will eventually bog down your browser if you do a bunch. If you notice things slowing down, just exit the browser and restart.

Go back to the main page and register an account, by clicking the register link in the top right. You can safely use Facebook or Twitter to login, there's no use or abuse of your information. Registering will enable you to favorite sketches you like, form collections, and upload your own materials.

Entry Page

GeoGebraTube front page

Search for your topic in the search box. When you find a sketch on topic, click a relevant tag to see related sketches.

Teacher Page

When you click on a sketch it takes you to the Teacher's Page, like this example by Dan Anderson.

The teacher's page might have notes from the author, but will certainly have options: to embed in a webpage, to download the sketch to further edit yourself, and clickable tags.  The Student Worksheet is a version of the sketch that opens directly in the browser, with no need of the program.

Student Page

A GeoGebraTube student worksheet

A student worksheet.  One reason to use GeoGebraTube instead of just a sketch in the program is that it allows the author to turn off distracting features that might not be needed for the activity.

When you make a sketch in GeoGebra, the export option under file gives you the option to upload to GeoGebraTube.  All the files uploaded to the site have copyright as a creative commons file, which you may use, modify and copy just for attribution to the original author. The upload dialogue will guide you through the steps needed to save the file.

Explore GeoGebraTube, and share your best finds with others in a Google doc linked from the next page, GeoGebraTube Sketches.

After exploring GeoGebraTube, try the Quick Intro to GeoGebra.

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