As a culminating project we publish our best work in a collaborative multi-touch book. Here's our first three volumes of "Exploring History" available free at iTunes

Click this link for my iBooks Author YouTube Playlist

Use the Noun Project for copyright free icons

Available widgets Here’s a video where I demonstrate the available widgets.

Pro Tip: Plan ahead. You can rearrange chapters and sections, but not individual pages.

iBooks Author workflow Because it’s difficult to rearrange individual pages in iBooks Author, it’s important to layout your book in advance. I’m going to ask your workgroups to use a shared Google Slides presentation for a rough draft of your intro. Think of each slide as another page in the book and see how you can arrange text, images and video. Do not worry about making it look good. It’s just an organizer that you can use to easily re-arrange pages. You can also the Google Slides comment feature to collaborate. My Google Slides YouTube Playlist

As you are planning your iBook be sure to save all files in a shared Google folder. Also save all your text as a Text or Pages file. Be sure to save all your URLs and citations as well.

Acceptable file formats for iBooks Author

Note that you must have the actual image file to import into iBA

  1. Image files: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF Note: The recommended file format is JPG. If the image includes transparency, PNG is recommended.
  2. Video and audio files: MP4 video files and M4A audio files. Note: For the Media widget, you can add a video file or an audio file (in a format QuickTime supports) to your book. You can convert other types of files using iMovie, QuickTime Player, or Compressor.
  3. As an alternative to loading the actual video we can use a YouTube embed widget at Bookry to embed a video viewer into the iBook. Here’s a how-to video for creating Bookry widget and embedding in your iBook.
  4. Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint) presentations are fully functional in iBooks Author. These presentation could have animated features through use of slide builds and transitions.