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Best of Fryer (2012) SOLD OUT
24 songs spanning 6 CDs and 12 years, 5 covers and 19 originals remastered.  You can buy all songs on iTunes for $20 or come to a gig and pick one up for only $5, available only at shows.  TOO LATE, SOLD OUT!!!!! Go to Video and Music tab for newly uploaded BOF YouTube videos.
Strike (2009) SOLD OUT
Full length hardcopy, California guitar rock with traces of country and reggae.  Scroll to bottom of page for this week's free mp3 download!
Available for Digital Download only here: Listen/Buy
Decaf (2000), acoustic rock
"Three and a half stars (out of 4)... excellent recording ...a radiant work from a romantic who has learned to roll with life's punches." 
-- Los Angeles Times

"The best album of the year."
- OC Weekly

"Top 50 OC albums of the 2000's" - OC Register

Available for Digital Download here: Listen/Buy
Melodica (2001), 60's garage rock, "An essential for any rock music collection.  With a style that sounds like a cross between the Kinks and Dire Straits, The George Fryer Combo has put out an album that combines elements of the 60's with those of the new millenium.  Not many musicians could pull off a unique recording like this and still make it palatable.  As it is, you can't predict or wait to hear what each track is going to sound like.  This also contains one of the most sublime slurs in music history on the put-down track "Rock Star!".  It closes with the line "You're a genius betwen the sheets, You be Shelley, I'll be Keats..." This is a great release by a very creative band, well worth your time if you've got an open mind." --Skratch Magazine
Available for Digital Download here: Listen/Buy
Meow (2005) George Fryer Combo, "MEOW!" (Salih) - George Fryer has released a number of strong discs over the past decade, including "Decaf" in 2000 and "Melodica" in 2001. "MEOW!" features songs that straddle rock and electronica ("Melodica Dub"), infectious power pop (the instantly memorable "Still a Pawn"), folk rock ("Rachel or Rhonda," "R.I.P.") and arty rockers ("I Can Only Speak for Myself") that showcase a group able to deliver strong material crafted across the sonic spectrum.  You might like if you enjoy: Beck, Cracker, Elvis Costello, Michael Penn.  --OC Register
Available for Digital Download here: Listen/Buy
Peace Corp. (1998) Political Punk

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After You from Strike

People from Decaf

I Guess This Is Goodbye from Decaf (You can play this at my funeral)

Carmelita from Melodica

The Boats Come Out from Melodica

I Can Only Speak For Myself from MEOW!

Let's Bomb The Germans from Peace Corp. Coast Hwy Compilation