Putnam's Last Years

Israel Putnam's, May 29,1780 letter to George Washington.

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General Putnam's Tomb in Brooklyn, Connecticut

The General was buried in the Brooklyn cemetery. A tomb two or three

feet high was built of brick, and across the top was placed a marble

slab with this epitaph by the Rev. Timothy Dwight, who, five years later,

became the President of Yale College, and who had been intimately

acquainted with the hero in private and public life.

In 1888, General Putnam's remains were removed and reburied under the

new bronze equestrian statue in Brooklyn, Connecticut. The following

epitaph was placed on the new monument.

Sacred be this Monument

to the memory of

Israel Putnam, Esq.

Senior Major General in the Armies

of the United States of America,

who was born at Salem,

in the Province of Massachusetts,

on the 7th day of January,

A.D. 1718

and died on the 29th of May,

A.D. 1790,


if thou art a soldier

drop a tear over the dust of a Hero,

who ever attentive

to the lives and happiness of his men

dared to lead

where any dared to follow.

If a Patriot,

remember the distinguished


gallant services

rendered thy country

by the Patriot who sleeps

beneath this marble;

if thou art honest, generous & worthy,

render a cheerful tribute of respect

to a man

whose generosity was singular,

whose honesty was proverbial;

who raised himself

to universal esteem and offices of

eminent distinction

by personal worth and a useful life.

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