Coaches' Corner

Grant Funding

As part of the Athletic Booster Club's mission, we support coaches and teams by funding grants that are in line with our spending guidelines. We recognize changes in the economy as well as school budget issues, and we are open to all requests. We like to work directly with coaches and the Athletic Director's office to ensure that we are funding those requests that will provide the best possible experience for our student athletes. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact an Athletic Booster Club member to discuss concerns you may have.

The typical process for funding is for coaches to complete a request form, review it with the Athletic Director, and contact the Booster Club president to be put on the agenda for our next meeting. We ask that the coach attend the meeting and make a brief presentation of the request and be available to answer any questions that the voting members may have. We vote on requests at the end of each of our monthly meetings, and our president will communicate the decision and relevant discussions with the coach in a timely manner, usually the next day.

We do allow for requests that come about outside of our regular meeting schedule, however we encourage coaches to think ahead and whenever possible, submit your funding request in the season before the funds are needed.