Results from the 2017 Vintage and Antique Snowmobile Ride

Best Matching sled and outfit: Dale Reese with a 1978 Intruder sled and suit ($50)

Best in Antique Class ( 1981 & Older): Josh Kellner with a 1970 Skeehorse Johnson and Cutter ($25)

Best in Vintage Class (1982-1992): Greg Poncelet with a 1982 Kawasaki ($25)

Most off the Wall sled: Tom Lubinski with a 1969 Allouette ($5) (this was also the oldest sled)

We would like to thank our judges: Roger Grote and Keith Carlson
Thanks to the Goodhue Corner Bar for donating the food for the ride and the drink chips for the judges.
Thanks also to all 37 sleds and riders that came out to spend the day with us.