Activity Results

ATV Rally August 1st, 2020

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in our ATV Rally on Saturday. It was a beautiful day and we had 54 vehicles and 141 participants take part. The 1st place team who won $100 was Team Walsh Uno. The 2nd place team who won $75 was "Zim For Win". The team that came in last was "Pasture Patrol". Congratulations! And because of all of you participating, a scholarship of $1000 will be given to one of the Goodhue students in the name of Mike Kehren next spring.

Vintage Ride Feb. 1, 2020


  • Best of Vintage class- $25: Tasha Miller 85 Manta

  • Best of Antique Class- $25: Jeff Ryan 71 Polaris

  • Best Matching Suit & Sled- $50: Andrew Kenning 72 John Deere 400

  • Most off the Wall- $5: Brett Zimmerman 73 Rupp with built in cooler


  • Jonathan Luhman, Dale Reese, Larry Allhiser

Number of sleds riding:

  • Vintage class 1985-95: 8 entries

  • Antique 1984 & older: 15 entries / oldest was 1971

  • Newer sleds: 13

  • Total: 36 sleds

Winners of the 3rd Annual UTV Raffle 2109:

    • The Winner of the UTV was Scott Sprick of Lake City.

    • 2nd place winner of $1000 was Mari Geiger of Cannon Falls

    • 3rd place winner of $1000 was Roxie Fischer of Goodhue

    • 4th Place winner of $500 was Larry Lexvold of Goodhue

    • 5th place winner of $500 was Kim Lodermeier of Goodhue

Winners of the 2019 Adventure Ride:

  • The winning team of $100 from the ATV Rally was "The Real O Geez" team- Al & Amber Greseth , Ethan Tutewohl, & Mattie Beach.

Results from the 2019 Vintage Ride:

  • Best Matching Suit & Sled: Mike Jorgenson with his 81 Arctic Cat Pantera $50

  • Best of Antique class (82 & older): Jason Lodermeier (Snuffy), on his 71 Evinrude $25

  • Best of Vintage Class (83-93): Andrew Kenny on his 83 Liquid Fire John Deere $25

  • Most off the Wall: Tony Hager with 81 Arctic Cat $5

  • Fastest Sled: Mariah Severson on 2019 Arctic Cat $5

  • We would like to thank our judges: Tim Gadient, Tony Huneke, & Louie Sanford

  • We would like to thank the Goodhue Corner Bar for donating the food for the Weenie Roast