Safety Class Photos

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Snowmobile Safety Class Dec. 15, 2019

We have 47 new dedicated snowmobilers who braved the cold weather today to get their safety certificates. We had 2 classes. (As the photographer, I apologize, I'm not good at rounding up all the snowmobilers, & the kids moved before names were written in correct order. So names are out of order & a few faces are hidden.)

Morning session: Brianna Tesmer, Addy Poncelet, Allisyn Knapp, Ethan O'Reilly, Brady Brown, Simon Brand, Thomas Brand, Kael Nibbe, Izzabelle O'Reilly, Zach Kohlbeck, Logan Cole, Caleb Bohlman, Leighton Mueske, Jackson Marcellus, Jadyn Flynn, Connor Krogstad, Carter Lindholm, Tom Quenzer, Ryan Schoenfelder, Carter Nelson, Rob Quenzer, Will Taylor, Tristan Lohmann, Tyler Nolan.

The afternoon class: Lydia Witham, Erin Beck, Sofia Lodermeier, Elayna Sherer, Landon Gruhlke, Curtis Klindworth, Nick Marsh, Carter Lukes, Grada Moss, Sam Thein, Troy Clemenson, Gavin Seymour, Austin Jentsch, Karl Meyer, Aiden Leonard, Gareth Price, Nolan Glomski, Braxton Moss, Tyler Vagt, Jamie Hart, Lucas Melson, Chase Dohrn, Wyatt Rostad.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the class: Ethan Weckerling, Michelle Schenach, Doris Ryan, Steve VanDuesen, Ben Poncelet, Richard Jentsch, Joe Melson, Joe O'Reilly, Colin O'connor & the other parents who I didn't get names of yet. And thanks to the certified instructors who helped: Treyben Kehren, Derek Weckerling, Leslie Luhman, Kenny Timm, Paul Huneke, Snuffy, Jodi Reding, & Paula Wagner. Thanks to DNR officers Brittany Hauser and Derek Schneider, and Deputy Sheriff Tyler Roger for taking time to speak to the kids. We also want to thank the Bellechester American Legion for the use of their building for the class, Bellechester Ag- partners for use of the land for the driving portion and Dan Poncelet for storing our props. See Pictures - Videos page on Facebook for more photos.

Sept. 15, 2019

Another great day in Bellechester today- we now have 26 more new ATV safety certified students in our midst! Congratulations to all of you!

In the 11am class there were 18 kids : Kneeling in front: Tristan Lohmann, Hayden Holm. 2nd row: Roman Finley, Ryan Tesmer, Tyler Nolan, Cooper Brown, Erica Wallerich, Autumn Mancilman. 3rd row: Cohen Stephenson, Everit Finley, Gaige Rux, Brady Brown, Isabel Germann-Hutter, Summer Scheele. 4th row: Ethan O'Reilly, Nathan Beck, Erin Beck, Izzabelle O'Reilly.

In the 1:30pm class there were 8 kids: Front row: Zander Coy, Sean Matthees, Jenna O'Reilly, Lydia Witham. Back row: Alex Morgan, Max Morgan, Trenton Martinez, & Everett Sorah

Thanks so much to all the volunteers who donated their time to help with class: Doris Ryan, Michelle Schenach, Randy & Deb Tutewohl, Mary Erhardt, Steve VanDuesen, Jason VanDuesen, Ryan Holm, & Ethan Weckerling. And thanks to the club members who have taken the time to become certified safety instructors: Treyben Kehren, Derek Weckerling, Warren Majerus, Kenny Timm, Shawn Powers, Paul Huneke, & Paula Wagner. We appreciate Goodhue County Officer Sergeant Jordan Winberg, Conservation Officer Brittany Hauser, and Conservation Officer Kylan Hill taking time to talk to the kids. And many thanks to the Bellechester Amercian Legion for allowing us to use their building for all of our classes, city of Bellechester for use of land, and Dan Poncelet for storing props. It does take a village to keep all our kids safe!

May 5, 2019

Another beautiful and busy day in Bellechester today. We have 43 new ATV safety certified students in our midst! Congratulations to all of you. You did a great job!

11:00am class: 1st Row: Jillian Hoyer, Jonathan Swanson, Kolten Poncelet, Ethan Albers

2nd row: Carley Matthees, Lilly Nesseth, Miranda Arendt, Austin Arendt, Wilson Rosenberg, Ella Cronin, McKenzie Swanson

3rd row: Caleb Matthees, Sam Chase, Caleb Matthees, Craig Kurtti, Hayden Poncelet, Madelyn Wagner, Jamie Richter, Natalie Swanson, Lucas Bortz, Ryan Bortz

1:30pm class- 1st row: Ella Buxengard, Ciara Callstrom

2nd row: Jacey Flynn, Juia Weinzierl, Evan Stimets, Gabrial Singfiel, Carson Olson

3rd row: Cody Bremer, Drew Bremer, Zander Pahl, Alaiyna Weinzierl, Zachary Zeleke

4th row: Gavin Poncelet, Curt Klindworth, Jadyn Flynn, Lincoln Ryan, Nathan Despins, Hunter Diepenbrock.

5th row: Dane Houghton, Nick Poncelet, Dalton Houghton, Will Jacobson

Thanks to everyone who helped out to get these kids certified: Jason & Steve VanDuesen, Doris Ryan, Kyle Majerus, Dawn Vikingson. Club members from the Outback Riders from Cannon Falls: Jamie and Gail Moen, and Ben Holland. Thanks to our certified instructors: Warren Majerus, Derek Weckerling, Shawn Powers, Treyben Kehren, Kenny Timm, Jodi Reding, Ray Hadler, & Paula Wagner. And to the parents who also helped out (I don't know if I got all names of everyone who helped): Nick Kurtti, Chris Albers, & Shane Matthees- thanks for buying pizza for the crew also! And thanks to Deputy Jordan Winberg & DNR officer Brittany Hauser. And thanks to Bellechester American Legion for use of facilities for our classes and to Dan Poncelet for storing our props and the city of Bellechester for land for the driving track! We couldn't do it without you all!

January 27th, 2019

We just found the next generation of 17 wonderful Die Hard snowmobilers who faced the freezing cold temperatures today (Jan.27, 19) to get their snowmobile safety certificates. Way to go & congratulations to: Front row: Grace Grant, Alanis Ryan, Drisana Ryan, & Mitchel Gehling. 2nd row: Aiden Veronen, Gavin Molitor, Ryan Hartert, Austin Arendt, Henry Ludwig, Bakster Arendt, & Ciara Callstrom. 3rd row: Paul Johnson, Jackson Heikes, Craig Kurtti, Caleb Kurtti, Jack Potratz, & Aaron Richter.

And many thanks to the volunteers & instructors who braved the cold for the kids also. Volunteers: Doris Ryan, Jason VanDeusen, Mitchell Hemenway, Scott Hilleshiem, Stephen Hilleshiem, Jason Zemke, Adam Callstrom, Ethan Weckerling. Certified safety instructors: Jason & Andrea Lodermeier, Kenny Timm, Gordon Greenwaldt, Treyben Kehren, Paul Huneke, Guy Whipple, Leslie Luhman, Ray Hadler, Derek Weckerling, & Paula Wagner. Thanks to DNR Officer Kylan Hill and Goodhue Co. Deputy Jordan Winberg for coming to speak to the kids. Thank you to the Bellechester American Legion for donating their hall for all our safety classes and Bellechester Ag-Partners for the use of their land for our courses.And Dan Poncelet for storing all our equipment. These great kids wouldn't be getting their certificates without all of you!

December 9, 2018

We have another great group of certified Snowmobile drivers in our midst! Congratulations to the 26 newest certified students from Dec. 9,2018. You all did a great job and we can't wait to see you on the trails.

(Apologies from the photographer- this class was too big and we had a tough time getting all their faces in the photos, and their names are not in the correct order!)

In front on chairs: Asher Bee, Hannah Linaman

2nd row: Abraham Ferber, Keagen Haugen (white shirt), Sawyer Sheridan (pink shirt), Aaron Lou (red coat), Brad Schmitt-O'Connor, Erica Wallerich, Ashley Lou,

Brooke Bee (green coat), Kaleb Lochner, Cayden O'Reilly, Logan Hadler, Nick Wooden, Isaac Kosek, Allie Christensen, Colin O'Connor, Madeline Seymour, Parker Miller, Connor Ballman, Mason Torgeson, Lucas Erickson, Steve Hilleshiem, Kylar Hokanson, Adrien Lucas-Lindeland, & Zach Radke.

Thank you to the great club volunteers who helped make it possible: Michelle Schenach, Doris Ryan, Lacey Luhman, Randy & Deb Tutewohl. And to the certified safety instructors: Derek Weckerling, Leslie Luhman, Treyben Kehren, Shawn Powers, Jodi Reding, Kenny Timm, Snuffy, Andrea Lodermeier, Paul Huneke, Ray Hadler, & Paula Wagner. We appreciate the help of DNR Officer Kylan Hill and Goodhue Co. Deputy Scott Powers, Bellechster American Legion & Bellechester Ag-Partners for use of the facilities & land for the class, & Dan Poncelet for storage of equipment. It does take a village of volunteers to make safe & fun snowmobiling possible!

September 16, 2018

Congratulations to the newest 39 ATV safety certified students!

And many thanks to the great Goodhue-Bellechester Rail Riders great volunteers: Michelle Schenach & Doris Ryan, Steve & Jsaon Van Deusen. And thanks to the Certifed Safety Instructors: Warren Majerus, Jodi Reding, Jason & Andrea Lodermeier, Paul Huneke, Kenny Timm, Treyben Kehren, Shawn Powers, & Paula Wagner. And Goodhue Co. Deputy Sheriff Scott Powers, and Conservation Officer's Brittany Hauser & Kylan Hill for helping get the kids certified. A big thanks also to Bellechester American Legion for use of the facilities, Dan Poncelet for storing equipment, and the city of Bellechester for use of land. The kids couldn't have passed without everyone's assistance!

11am session of ATV safety class.

Front row: Daniel Hovland, Carter Kunz, Colton Phelps. 2nd row: Jackson Marcellus, Gavin Schafer, Nolan Banaszewski, Olivia Seymour, Brady Westall, Hunter Persing, Ethan Deutsch, Madison Westall. 3rd row: Carson Dillon, Wyatt Banaszewski, Rylee Fick, Jack Vold, Madeline Seymour, Hallie O'Connor.— in Bellechester, Minnesota.

1:30pm session of ATV safety class.

Front row: Sean Beauvais, Alyssa Malecha, Lewis von Knobelsdorf, Lillian von Knobelsdorf, Arlyn von Knobelsdorf, Kaitlin Heddlesten. 2nd row: Emily Urzua, Tyler Heddlesten, Michael Christpherson, Bakster Arendt, Kaden MacPherson, Mackenzie Christopherson, Eve Burdick, Carlie Sayer. 3rd row: Blake Malecha, Adam Malecha, Danielle Robb, Emma Christopherson, Ava Burdick, Eli Johnson — in Bellechester, Minnesota.

1st Group Outside

2nd Group Outside

Sunday April 22, 2018

What a terrific & busy day in Bellechester April 22nd! We now have 36 new ATV certified students. Congratulations to all of you! And thank you so very much to all the volunteers who helped to make that all possible. The kids wouldn't be certified in safe riding if it wasn't for all of you giving of your precious time! And Thanks to the Bellechester American Legion for letting us use your building for all of our classes and to Dan Poncelet for the storage of our props and to everyone who allowed the kids that didn't have ATV's to use yours. Thanks Paul Huneke for the use of your field! It is all appreciated!

In the afternoon session: sitting- Gavin Phillips, Johnny Neumann, 2nd row: Cayden O'Reilly, Maison Poston, Jackson O'Reilly, Beau Velishek, Evan Schweistahl, Riley Velishek, Makayla Tesmer, Emma Neumann, Drisana Ryan. In back; Jed Ryan, Zach Taylor, Caleb Dicke, Eli Ryan, Carsyn O'Reilly, Alex Ryan, Cameron Ryan, Zach Luhman, Peter Welch. Alanis Ryan (He moved so not sure which one he is!)

Some of the wonderful volunteers are pictured: Goodhue County Deputy Sheriff Tom Blue, Steve Van Deusen, Jason Van Deusen, Deb Tutewohl, Ray Tipcke, Leslie Luhman, Kenny Timm (in front), Whip (in back), Ray Hadler, Kevin Mehrkens, Randy Tutewohl (in Front), Mitchell Hemenway (in back), Shawn Powers, Ethan Weckerling, Dereck Weckerling, Goodhue County Deputy Sheriff Jordan Winberg, & DNR officer Brittany Hauser. Other volunteers not picutered are: Doris Ryan, Dawn VIkingson, Trent Stemmann, Charlie Hadler, & Jesse Hadler. And other certified instructors not pictured are: Warren Majerus, Paul Huneke, Jason & Andrea Lodermeier, & Paula Wagner.

We start training our instructors young! This young gentleman has been coming to all the ATV and Snowmobile training classes to help for the past couple years. There will be no stopping you Ethan!

Congratulations to 13 new Snowmobile Safety Certified Students as of Feb. 25, 2018! Front Row:Taite Goodman, Austin Clemens, Gavin Schafer, Caden Berg, Jack Goodman. Back Row: Carsyn O'Reilly,Dylan Schafer, Marcus Goplen, Darby Miller, Kennedy Diercks, Kory Diercks, Grace Schulte, Claire Schulte.

Thanks to the volunteers who helped with the class: Doris Ryan, Randy Hadler, & Ethan Weckerling, and to our certified safety instructors: Paul Huneke, Snuffy & Andrea Lodermeier, Kenny Timm, Jodi Reding, Shawn Powers, Treyben Kehren, Leslie Luhman, Derek Weckerling, & Paula Wagner.

Also thanks to the Bellechester American Legion, Bellechester Ag-Partners, & Dan Poncelet for the use of facilities and land

Congratulations to the 26 newest Snowmobile Safety Certified students from Dec. 3, 2017

Front row: Eli Ryan, Maison Poston, Jed Ryan, Caleb Dicke

2nd Row: Nathan Beck, Tanner Thuman, Colby Dohrn, Lucas Erickson

3rd Row: Hallie O’Connor, Lillian Germann-Hutter, Abigail Jablonski, William Radke, Keegan O’Neill, Zachary Taylor, Annabelle Marshall, Sydney Majerus

4th Row: Jada Scheele, Lauren Marshall, Brooklyn Radke, Hunter Jonsgaard, McKenna Goihl-Krier

5th Row: Cameron Ryan, Alex Ryan, Cameron Mandelkow, Brady Bauer, Dominick Goihl-Krier

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the class : Doris Ryan, Jason Van Deusen, Pat O’Neill, Jon Jablonski, Randy Hadler, Mitch Hemingway, Carlene & Ethan Weckerling and the certified safety instructors: Derek Weckerling, Ray Hadler, Guy Whipple, Shawn Powers, Treyben Kehren, Jodi Reding, Kenny Timm, Jason Lodermeier, Gordon Greenwaldt, Paul Huneke, & Paula Wagner. Thanks to the guys who donated the use of their sleds: Jason Van Deusen, Treyben Kehren, and Brett Dankers. Also thanks so much to Bellechester American Legion, Bellechester Ag-Partners, and Dan Poncelet for use of their facilities and land for the class. We also appreciate DNR officer Brittany Hauser and Goodhue Co. Sheriff Deputy Jordan Winberg stopping in and giving some words of wisdom. It takes a community to keep all of our kids active and safe at the same time!

Congratulations to the 14 students who became ATV Safety Certified on Sept. 10,2017.

Front row: Brooklyn Radtke, Sidney Majerus, Sawyer Sheridan. 2nd row: William Radtke, Tanner Thuman, Braeden Eckhoff, Tayven Geiger, Mason Fanning, Ethan Anderson. Back row: McKenna Goihl-Krier, Kayla Grobe, Dominic Goihl-Krier, Ryan Lexvold, Cody Anderson.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the class: Doris Ryan, Michelle Schenach, Carlene & Ethan Weckerling. And to our certified safety instructors who helped out: Derek Weckerling, Kenny Timm, Warren Majerus, Jason & Andrea Lodermeier, Shawn Powers, Paul Huneke, Treyben Kehren, Jodi Reding, & Paula Wagner. Thank you also to the Bellechester American Legion, Bellechester Ag-Partners, & Dan Poncelet for use of facilities and land for the class. We appreciate everyone's help.

Congratulations to the 20 newest ATV safety certified students from April 9, 2017:

Front row:Carter Kranz, Ryan Stimets, Weston Nichol,

Logan Cole, Connor Gleeson

2nd row: Brianna Fitzgerald, Jake Callstrom, Kale Staub, Alison Wallerich, Alyssa Luhman, Sidney Leonard, Jack Ryan

3rd Row: Isaac Bendix, Colin Johnson, Sam Herzfeld, Tommy Heyer, Anthony Bendix, Alex Wiebusch, Alexis Callstrom, Madelyne O'Reilly

A huge thanks to our club members who donated their time to help out with the class: Deb Tutewohl, Linda O'Connor, Dawn Vikingson, Doris Ryan, Lacey Luhman, & Brian Luhman. And to our certified safety instructors: Leslie Luhman, Shawn Powers, Ray Hadler, Kenny Timm, Jodi Reding, Paul Huneke, Treyben Kehren, Jason Lodermeier, Warren Majerus, & Paula Wagner.

Also thanks to the Bellechester Ag-Partners, Bellechester American Legion, & Dan Poncelet for use of facilities and Brian & Cindy Luhman for use of ATV's. And thanks to Patty Leonard for treats for the volunteers!

A huge shout out to all the great club members who are volunteering their time to become certified to help our future ATV and Snowmobile drivers become safely certified: 7 new instructors- Andrea Lodermeier, Jodi Reding, Treyben Kehren, Shawn Powers, & Paul Huneke. And the 5 instructors who were already certified as an instructor in one class and are now certified in both or recertified: Ray Hadler, Kenny Timm, Leslie Luhman, Jason Lodermeier, & Derek Weckerling. And Carleen Weckerling for sitting in, so she will be ready to become certified in 12 years! March 29, 2017

In the morning session: Brooke Ryan, Lucas Erickson, Everett Hadler, Taite Goodman, Jack Goodman, Brayden Burgeson, Braeden Banitt, Rylan Banitt, Gavin Seymour, Colin O'Connor, James Hren, Connor Burgeson, Logan White, & Devin Maslowski.