Congratulations to the 26 newest Snowmobile Safety Certified students from Dec. 3, 2017

Front row: Eli Ryan, Maison Poston, Jed Ryan, Caleb Dicke
2nd Row: Nathan Beck, Tanner Thuman, Colby Dohrn, Lucas Erickson
3rd Row: Hallie O’Connor, Lillian Germann-Hutter, Abigail Jablonski, William Radke, Keegan O’Neill, Zachary Taylor, Annabelle Marshall, Sydney Majerus
4th Row: Jada Scheele, Lauren Marshall, Brooklyn Radke, Hunter Jonsgaard, McKenna Goihl-Kri
5th Row: Cameron Ryan, Alex Ryan, Cameron Mandelkow, Brady Bauer, Dominick Goihl-Krier

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with the class : Doris Ryan, Jason Van Deusen, Pat O’Neill, Jon Jablonski, Randy Hadler, Mitch Hemingway, Carlene & Ethan Weckerling and the certified safety instructors: Derek Weckerling, Ray Hadler, Guy Whipple, Shawn Powers, Treyben Kehren, Jodi Reding, Kenny Timm, Jason Lodermeier, Gordon Greenwaldt, Paul Huneke, & Paula Wagner. Thanks to the guys who donated the use of their sleds: Jason Van Deusen, Treyben Kehren, and Brett Dankers. Also thanks so much to Bellechester American Legion, Bellechester Ag-Partners, and Dan Poncelet for use of their facilities and land for the class. We also appreciate DNR officer Brittany Hauser and Goodhue Co. Sheriff Deputy Jordan Winberg stopping in and giving some words of wisdom. It takes a community to keep all of our kids active and safe at the same time!

Congratulations to the 14 students who became ATV Safety Certified on Sept. 10,2017.

Front row: Brooklyn Radtke, Sidney Majerus, Sawyer Sheridan. 2nd row: William Radtke, Tanner Thuman, Braeden Eckhoff, Tayven Geiger, Mason Fanning, Ethan Anderson. Back row: McKenna Goihl-Krier, Kayla Grobe, Dominic Goihl-Krier, Ryan Lexvold, Cody Anderson.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the class: Doris Ryan, Michelle Schenach, Carlene & Ethan Weckerling. And to our certified safety instructors who helped out: Derek Weckerling, Kenny Timm, Warren Majerus, Jason & Andrea Lodermeier, Shawn Powers, Paul Huneke, Treyben Kehren, Jodi Reding, & Paula Wagner. Thank you also to the Bellechester American Legion, Bellechester Ag-Partners, & Dan Poncelet for use of facilities and land for the class. We appreciate everyone's help.

Congratulations to the 20 newest ATV safety certified students from April 9, 2017:

Front row:Carter Kranz, Ryan Stimets, Weston Nichol,
Logan Cole, Connor Gleeson
2nd row: Brianna Fitzgerald, Jake Callstrom, Kale Staub, Alison Wallerich, Alyssa Luhman, Sidney Leonard, Jack Ryan
3rd Row: Isaac Bendix, Colin Johnson, Sam Herzfeld, Tommy Heyer, Anthony Bendix, Alex Wiebusch, Alexis Callstrom, Madelyne O'Reilly
A huge thanks to our club members who donated their time to help out with the class: Deb
 Tutewohl, Linda O'Connor, Dawn Vikingson, Doris Ryan, Lacey Luhman, & Brian Luhman. And to our certified safety instructors: Leslie Luhman, Shawn Powers, Ray Hadler, Kenny Timm, Jodi Reding, Paul Huneke, Treyben Kehren, Jason Lodermeier, Warren Majerus, & Paula Wagner.
Also thanks to the Bellechester Ag-Partners, Bellechester American Legion, & Dan Poncelet for use of facilities and Brian & Cindy Luhman for use of ATV's. And thanks to Patty Leonard for treats for the volunteers!

A huge shout out to all the great club members who are volunteering their time to become certified to help our future ATV and Snowmobile drivers become safely certified: 7 new instructors- Andrea Lodermeier, Jodi Reding, Treyben Kehren, Shawn Powers, & Paul Huneke. And the 5 instructors who were already certified as an instructor in one class and are now certified in both or recertified: Ray Hadler, Kenny Timm, Leslie Luhman, Jason Lodermeier, & Derek Weckerling. And Carleen Weckerling for sitting in, so she will be ready to become certified in 12 years! March 29, 2017


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