Goodhue-Bellchester Rail Riders

We are an ATV & Snowmobile club who like to have fun. We are working at getting an ATV trail started in south eastern Minnesota. We have 40 miles of snowmobile trails. We do an annual ATV Adventure Ride and Raffle. We have a Vintage Snowmobile Ride each year. We attempt to go on an annual snowmobile club trip and ATV club trip each year. We are always looking for new members and would welcome any input from landowners about the trails. Our club has 14 members safety certified & we teach 4 ATV Safety Classes and 2 snowmobile safety classes each year for the kids.

Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MnUSA)

ATV Association of Minnesota (ATVAM)

****Congratulations to the winner of our 2019 UTV Raffle: Scott Sprick****

We want to thank everyone who supported us with our UTV Raffle and/or came out to play with us during the ATV Rally today.

The Winner of the UTV was Scott Sprick of Lake City.

2nd place winner of $1000 was Mari Geiger of Cannon Falls

3rd place winner of $1000 was Roxie Fischer of Goodhue

4th Place winner of $500 was Larry Lexvold of Goodhue

5th place winner of $500 was Kim Lodermeier of Goodhue

The winning team of $100 from the ATV Rally was "The Real O Geez" team- Al & Amber Greseth , Ethan Tutewohl, & Mattie Beach.

Thanks to the club members who worked so hard to set up the adventure ride: Dale & Angel Nord, Amanda Nord, Ray Hadler, & Dawn Vikingson. You guys did a great job!

And thanks to all the club members who helped with the ride or selling raffle tickets. It takes a team to get things done so we can all have fun!

And a huge thanks to Curly Holst for letting us use his land for our cookout and games! That was awesome!

This ride is in honor and memory of our beloved Mikey Kehren and a portion of the proceeds from the ride goes to the Mike Kehren Memorial Scholarship.

See our Picture/video page for more photos and videos of the ATV Rally