Gauti Bergþóruson Eggertsson, Professor of Economics

Director of Orlando Bravo Center for Economic Research at Brown

Brown University

Economics Department 

Robinson Hall

64 Waterman Street

Providence, RI 02912 

tel: (401) 863 2145

email: gauti_eggertsson@brown.edu

Office: 102 B Robinson Hall    


New Preliminary Draft on the Inflation Surge of 2020's

*It’s Baaack: The Inflation Surge of 2020s and the Return of the Non-Linear Phillips Curve (with Pierpaolo Benignio), April, 2023.


 *Time Consistency and the Duration of Government Debt: A Model of Quantitative Easing (with Saroj Bhattarai and Bulat Gafarov), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming

*Negative Nominal Interest Rates and the Bank Lending Channel (with Ragnar Juelsrud, Lawrence H. Summers and Ella G. Wold), Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming 

New Working Papers/Revisions:

*New Working Paper: Mr. Keynes and the Classics; A Suggested Reinterpretation (with Cosimo Petracchi, September 2021). 

* New Overview Article (preliminary, comments welcome!): A Unified Theory of the Great Depression and the Great Recession (with Sergey K. Egiev, January 2020), R&R Journal of Economic Literature. Continuing education lecture at American Economics Association Meeting in San Diego 2020 that covers this work is linked here.


* Podcast with Edward Brown on the Demand Side, October, 2020. 

* Podcast with David Beckworth on Macro Musings, January, 2017.