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Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art with roots dating back over 2000 years. Gateway Tang Soo Do has been devoted to the practice and training in this unique style of martial art for over a quarter century.


Little Dragons

Gateway Tang Soo Do is sanctioned by the World Tang Soo Do Association with headquarters in Burlington, NC. The WTSDA is an internationally recognized martial arts organization with more than 180,000 members in 30 countries. More information on the WTSDA may be found on the official website http://www.wtsda.com/ Click on the Logos above or the URL to link to the World Tang Soo Do Association Website

Most remember taking swimming lessons in our youth. We were told ...

"Everyone should learn to swim".

Our vision is to have martial arts viewed in the same manner.

In 2002, Gateway TSD began a mission to offer quality yet affordable martial arts instruction and SFA Family Martial Arts began operation. Our objective is to introduce youth to Tang Soo Do ... particularly to those who, for various reasons, may not otherwise have the opportunity to train in the martial arts. We conduct Fall semester and Spring semester classes during the regular school year. While our primary focus is our grade school students, we welcome anyone ages 5-adult. Gateway TSD / SFAFMA is run by volunteers and is non-profit. We do collect fees but strive to operate on a miniscule budget to remain affordable. Modest proceeds in excess of our expenses are donated to support the SFA School STEM/STREAM Program. We are proud to be able to offer internationally recognized color belt "Gup" promotion through our association with the WTSDA.

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December 2019 Testing and Promotion