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Bomberman Fantasy Race NTSC-U

8003F89C 0C00
8003F89E 2405

Autopress Start on Title Screen
800225F6 2400

Skip Hudson Logo
800B2ED6 2400

Have Infinite Money to Buy Tickets
8001EE9C 7FFF
8001EE9E 2402

Bomber Coaster Lake Ticket is Free
80011044 0000

Star Express Ticket is Free
80011050 0000

Bakuzan Ski Course Ticket is Free
8001104C 0000

Dyna Mountain Ticket is Free
80011054 0000

Wacca Beach Island Ticket is Free
80011048 0000

Free Bomber Castle
80011078 0000

Freeze Lap Times
8003BB1A 2400

Skip FMVs
800B35F6 2400

Power Bombs are Free
8002F120 0000

Line Bombs are Free
8002F122 0000

Remote Control Bombs are Free
8002F124 0000

Rocket Bombs are Free
8002F126 0000

Power Gloves are Free
8002F128 0000

Wings are Free
8002F12A 0000

Roller Shoes are Free
8002F12C 0000

Power Vests are Free
8002F12E 0000

Hearts are Free
8002F130 0000

Mini Hearts are Free
8002F132 0000

Always Accelerating
80051B1E 2400

Always Dashing when Accelerating
80050E02 2400

Dash without Stamina
80050E12 2400
80051A06 1000

Hopping Louie is Free
800118E8 0000

Tri-Louie is Free
800118EC 0000

Soaring Louie is Free
800118F0 0000

Hyper Louie is Free
800118F4 0000

Brave Tirra is Free
80011900 0000

Flying Tirra is Free
80011904 0000

Mighty Tirra is Free
80011908 0000

Super Tirra is Free
8001190C 0000

Mute Sound Effects
80040E24 0008
80040E26 03E0
80040E2A 2400

Cross Start Line Early
8005573E 2400
8005574E 1000

Freeze Bonus Round Timer
8003BB42 2400

Always Finish in First
8006486E 2663
Results Screen Player Order Fucked Up.

Collect Bonus Round Coins from Further Away
800825B6 2400

Unlock All Tracks
8001E872 2400
8001E886 2400

Hide Track Prices
8001FF3C 00FD

All Tracks Purchased
8001EE72 3463

Walk Earlier in Countdown
80050A62 1000

Hide Ready Set Go Lights
800A376C 0136
800A376E 2404

Mute Ready Set Go Lights
800A3636 1000

Timer Runs in Race Starting Sequence
8003BAD2 2400

Diable Wrong Way Warning
81064C2A 1000