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Super Smash Bros (NTSC-U)

F10396B0 2400
DE000400 0000

8110D288 3C07
8110D28A 3FE8
810D0F64 3C07
810D0F66 3FE8
8103B884 3FE3

Walk Through Walls
810DB420 2400
810DA174 2400
810DAA74 2400
810DB288 2400
810D9EB0 2400
810D9BF0 2400
810DC374 2400
810DCF04 2400

Unlock All Stages
D1133D2E 0001
81133D24 240F
D1133D2E 0001
81133D26 00FF

Immune to Planet Zebes Acid
810E3CAC 03E0
810E3CAE 0008
810E3CB0 2400

Infinite Time
811131AC 080F
811131AE C008
813F0020 3C1B
813F0022 800A
813F0024 877B
813F0026 EFA4
813F0028 2401
813F002A 0030
813F002C 143B
813F002E 0002
813F0030 2400
813F0034 AC80
813F0036 0014
813F0038 0804
813F003A 4C6D
813F003C 2400
Press Z to Disable.

Start with Time Modifier
811133B0 240E
811133B2 00XX
XX-Decimal Number Converted to Hex.
Do not use values above 99 or the upper digit of the timer will have display glitches.

P1 Infinite Stocks
8113BEF0 080F
8113BEF2 C010
8113BEF4 804C
8113BEF6 002B
813F0040 1009
813F0042 0003
813F0044 2400
813F0048 258D
813F004A FFFF
813F004C A04D
813F004E 002B
813F0050 0804
813F0052 EFBE
813F0054 2400
8113BEFC 2400

Only 1 Target to Destroy Break the Targets
8118D52C A040

Only 1 Platform to Board Board the Platforms
8118D988 A040

Link's Bombs Never Explode on Their Own
81186100 2400

Dreamland Constant Wind
81105C08 A460

Dreamland Wind Lasts Forever
81105D82 0000

Dreamland Length Between Wind Breaths Modifier
81105E16 XXXX
XXXX-Frames in hex.

Dreamland Wind Duration Modifier
XXXX-Frames in Hex.

No Wind Shift Effect
810DA1CC 2400