Membership - joining Gally Hill Shooting Club

If you would like more details about how to join Gally Hill, or to arrange to visit the Club, please contact our membership secretary by e-mail (, or by letter at this address:

The Membership Secretary

Gally Hill Shooting Club

Opposite Banstead Station

Banstead, Surrey


If you are interesting in joining Gally Hill we recommend that you email or write to the membership secretary in the first instance. Please note that visits to the club regarding membership are by appointment only.

We welcome membership enquiries from both experienced shooters and beginners. No prior experience is necessary, as we provide an introductory coaching course for all new members. Please note there is a minimum age for joining of 14 years.

Current subscription rates can be found here

Before issuing membership application forms, we will require you to complete a preliminary questionnaire relating to your shooting interests and experience. This is available by e-mail from the membership secretary. Successful candidates will be invited to visit the Club, view our facilities and discuss membership options.

The cost for adults to join Gally Hill for live fire shooting will be a proportion of the annual fees, found here, payable for the Club year(July-June) remaining, The actual fees payable depend on the class of membership you choose to take and the number of months left in the Club year. The Memebership Secretary will explain this on your invitation to the Club. This will cover the initial probationary membership period, coaching and tuition and the loan of Club equipment. There is also a non-refundable application fee of £30 to cover essential administrative tasks. Application forms are available from the Membership Secretary and only if you are invited to visit the Club (by appointment) to discuss membership options. As part of the application process we will require two references. 

If you are or have recently been a member of a shooting club one of your references must be from a club official and we will submit your details to Surrey Police for approval before your application is considered. There is normally a waiting list of about 1-2 months for the air membership coaching course and 2-3 months for live fire, but you will not be asked to pay the probationary membership fee until a place becomes available and you can start on the coaching course. Existing Firearm Certificate holders are offered fast-track entry to the club, typically within about one month.  They will be assessed by the coaches on a 1-2-1 basis and must meet our shooting and safety standards.

Full membership of the Club is offered to those who attend regularly during the probationary period and demonstrate a safe and responsible attitude to the shooting sports and to firearms handling. Note that we liaise with the Police Firearms Licensing Authorities as required under Home Office regulations and the Club reserves the right to decline an application or to make an offer of membership without further explanation. Full membership of a recognised shooting Club is one of the prerequisites for firearms ownership in the UK for the purpose of target shooting.

You can contact the archery section at Gally Hill directly, either by e-mail to Atkins or through the Surrey Bowmen contacts page, or by e-mail to

Membership of the Club is open to all with a genuine interest in target shooting as a sport and who meet the regulatory requirements. The sport is suitable for both men and women of all ages, and we strive to make of facilities readily available to those with disabilities. If you have special requirements, please discuss this with our membership secretary.

Disabled Access

We welcome enquiries from the disabled but please note that the Gally Hill site is on three levels: car park, clubhouse and ranges. Parking is free, but there are no specific disabled parking bays. The clubhouse is accessible by either stairs or wheelchair ramp. Access to the range level is only by stairs or via a stair lift. For further information about the range of shooting sports available for the disabled, the National Smallbore Rifle Association (NSRA) have initiated the "Disabled Shooting Project


We welcome applications from juniors (14-17) for air shooting. Please note we no longer offer live fire induction and coaching for juniors in the first instance. Juniors who join as air only members may apply to our Committee in writing for live fire coaching once they have completed their 6 month probationary period, shown regular levels of attendance and have maintained our shooting and safety standards. These applications will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Unfortunately we are not able to offer membership to juniors under the age of 14.

 You can view the Club data privacy policy here Gally Hill Privacy Policy, v1.0, Aug 2018.pdf