Shooting activities at Gally Hill fall into the following disciplines:

Each discipline emphasises some particular aspect of target shooting, accuracy, speed or consistency, for example. Individual members of the Club are encouraged to try out several different aspects of target shooting to find out what suits them best before purchasing equipment specific to one discipline or another. Members may borrow club equipment to try out the various activities, and ammunition, targets and other consumables may be purchased at the Club. 

Gally Hill organises a large number of competitions for Club members and our members may also enter external competitions arranged by various county and national shooting organisations. Entries to many competitions are arranged into divisions according to the current level of skill of the participants. In this way everyone from beginner to expert has an opportunity to join in at a fair level and improve their proficiency.

.22 ("Small-bore") precision target rifle

Small-bore rifle shooting is the ultimate in precision target sports and a great test of skill and marksmanship. Participants use highly engineered, single shot .22 rifles with ordinary sights (that is, no optical magnification). Normally shot "prone" (lying-down) at a distance of 25 metres the target roundel is little more than 5cm (2") in diameter, and the participant must land their shot to within a few thousands of an inch of the target's centre to score the coveted "bullseye". This discipline is also shot at 50 metres and 100 yards, with a corresponding increase in target size.

.22 Benchrest Rifle

A recent addition to the range of activities available at Gally Hill, small-bore "benchrest" shooting allows for a wide variety of rifles to be used while supported on special sandbags on a table-top. The shooter is normally seated, and the rifles are fitted with telescopic sights. This discipline is typically shot at 25 metres on the indoor range. There are different classes for different types of rifle, including sporting rifles and precision target rifles. Surprisingly, perhaps, it's not as easy as you might think to get high scores in this discipline.

Gallery rifle

Gallery rifle is normally shot standing, with either a .22 "sporting" rifle or .38 under-lever action rifle ("carbine") at a range distance of 25 metres. In general, the equipment is less specialised (and so less expensive) than small-bore rifle shooting, and the standing stance is preferred by some, as it requires less preparation. Gallery rifle is inherently less accurate than the precision target rifle discipline, and the targets are correspondingly larger (as a general rule, target sizes are arranged so that a reasonably good shot will score 75-90 out of 100, but such that it takes a great deal of practice and skill to consistently score in the high 90s). Separate competitions are organised for .22 sporting rifles and for carbine rifles. The .22 sporting rifles may also use telescopic sights.

Long barrel revolver and pistol

We have facilities for members who wish to use their own long barrel revolvers or pistols. Note that these must be held by individual members on their personal firearms certificates. The Club runs competitions for long barrel pistols and revolvers, and they can be used on the Turning Targets range. 

Muzzle-loading ("blackpowder") pistol

Muzzle-loading pistol is the last remaining full-bore pistol discipline available to shooters in the UK. Individual charges of gun-powder ("blackpowder") are poured into the barrel end of the pistol and a lead ball pushed down over it. The charge is ignited with a spark from a flint, or (more commonly) with a percussion cap. Muzzle-loading pistols are available in single shot format (as with the "dueling pistol") or as six-shot revolvers. The design of these firearms typically dates back over 100 years, but they are available new, using modern manufacturing methods, allowing safe and reasonably priced equipment to be obtained. This discipline is normally shot at 25 metres. We have no coaching facilities or club equipment for muzzle-loading - applications from existing FAC holders only please. See the MLAGB website for more information about this discipline.

Precision air-rifle and air-pistol shooting

Air rifle and pistol shooting is an ideal introduction to target shooting sports for juniors, as the equipment required can be very reasonably priced and not subject to the same level of stringent control as firearms (there are legal controls, so check first). Air rifles and pistols are also manufactured to exceptional engineering precision and are used at every level of the sport. Precision air-rifle and pistol are shot at 6 and 10 metres (with correspondingly sized targets). We run a number of other competitions, including "sporting air-rifle", which allows easy participation by everybody.

Field targets

Field targets (FT) is an outdoor air-rifle discipline which simulates vermin control. A number of steel "knock-down" targets are placed at varying distances (from about 10 to 25 metres) in a reserved area on the Club ranges. Shooters move between several designated stands to select the next target. Several shots are allowed at each target, a good score is obtained by hitting each target with the first shot. Any air rifle can be used to take part in this discipline, but true enthusiasts can buy very accurate, specialised air rifles (often using pre-compressed air or gas) with high magnification telescopic sights. Gally Hill has two Field Target ranges, including a practice area with knock-down targets up to 25 metres.

Turning Targets

In this activity the targets are attached to a mechanism that allows them to be turned to face the shooter for a precise period of time, during which one or more shots must be fired before the target turns away again. This discipline may be shot with .22 rifle, carbine, air pistol, or long barrel revolver or pistol and is a good test of speed and accuracy in shooting. Details of courses of fire we used can be found in The NRA Gallery Rifle Handbook.


We have facilities for both indoor (to 20 yards) and outdoor (to 70 yards) archery. Bows are available in a wide range of configurations, ranging from simple, traditional, construction to highly advanced and engineered designs. Archery is ideal for those who would like to participate in target sports, but for whom firearms are not an attractive option. Archery equipment is readily available (in all price ranges), and is not subject to the same stringent controls as firearms. Archery at Gally Hill is through our affiliated Club, the Surrey Archers.


Our 25 metre indoor range