Gally Hill Shooting Club is dedicated to the promotion of target shooting sports within our local community, centred on Banstead in Surrey. We provide our membership with comprehensive range facilities for a wide variety of target shooting activities, training and coaching and we have a spacious Clubhouse where members and visitors may enjoy light refreshments and convivial conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. 

CORONAVIRUS Update - Club open without booking from Friday 3rd September

In line with the lifting of Government COVID restrictions the Club is open from Friday 3rd September 2021 on a regular basis. All the ranges will be open at the usual times and there is no need to book. If you have not visited the Club recently  please read the range opening and safety notes sent to all members by email. Please also continue to observe COVID safe practice.

We are accepting enquiries for membership, but due to delays caused by COVID lockdown please be aware that the waiting list is currently several months. Please see further details about waiting times on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

In 1998 we completed a £350,000 building program that included extensive Clubhouse facilities and a 6 lane, 25 metre indoor range, with wheelchair access to the clubhouse. This project was financially supported by the Sport England Sports Lottery Fund. Gally Hill is a Home Office approved Shooting Club.

The Gally Hill Clubhouse and Range Building


We have range facilities for .22 and full-bore (.38/.45, etc. "pistol" calibres only) rifle shooting, muzzle-loading pistol and all types of air-weapon. Currently our outdoor ranges provide facilities for:

  • 20 points for .22 target rifle at 25 metres, 50 metres and 100 yards

  • 10 points for .22 sporting rifle and under-lever rifle at 25 metres

  • 10 points for turning targets

  • A 25 metre blackpowder (muzzleloading) pistol range

  • A field targets range

  • An air only (non-FAC) knockdown target range

  • Archery 

Our indoor range also provides 6 points for .22 rifle, pistol calibre rifles and air weapons up to 25 metres.

Please visit our activities page for further details.

We have an association with the Surrey Archers. Indoor archery takes place at Gally Hill every Wednesday evening. If you are interested in archery, please click here for further details.

The Club is open for shooting at the weekends and on several weekday evenings and holds social events and external competitions. Please contact us for details.

Currently, we do not have facilities for shotguns or full-bore "hunting" rifles (7.62, .303, .223, etc.). We do not have coaching facilities or loan equipment for muzzleloading shooters, so existing FAC holders only.

Our Outdoor Ranges


As it is based on skill, not physical strength, target shooting is a sport suitable for almost everybody, the young, the old, men and women can compete on an equal footing. The sport of target shooting ("marksmanship") is recognised internationally and has always been an important part of the modern Olympic Games since their inception in 1894, and the Commonwealth Games.

We subscribe to the Sport England "sport for all" ethic, and invite applications for membership from anyone within reasonable traveling distance and an interest in target shooting. 

Our beginners' coaching course has places available although there is usually a short waiting list. Existing FAC holders are also welcome to apply to join the Club.

Please contact the membership secretary for further details, or click here to access our membership page. Please also see our Frequently Asked Questions page, which provides more information about joining Gally Hill and our activities.

Firearms use and Ownership in the UK

Please note that firearms use and ownership is subject to strict controls in the UK, please click here for further details.

Contact Us

You can contact Gally Hill by email at enquiries@gallyhill.co.uk, or by post at the address given on the membership page.

Gally Hill Shooting Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Registered in England number 3388303.