Welcome to the GALFA-HI Survey's presence on the web!

The Galactic Arecibo L-band Feed Array HI (GALFA-HI) Survey maps neutral hydrogen in and around our Milky Way Galaxy with the Arecibo 305 meter telescope.  We observe in both solo modes and commensally with the ALFALFA, AGES and GALFACTS surveys.  The GALFA-HI Survey will cover 13,000 sq. deg. on completion, at a resolution of 4' and channel spacing of 0.18 km/s.  All of the data are made public when the final cubes are available at, https://purcell.ssl.berkeley.edu/.

YouTube Video

A 40 degree x 30 degree section of the DR1 data toward RA = 20 deg, Dec = 15 deg

A 20x40 area of sky shown in three different velocity slices (click for high-res version)
Support for the GALFA-HI survey has been partially provided by the National Science Foundation.