FCD/HSDR/VAC/AIS Monitor/VirtualCOMport/AISDecoder to GoogleKMZ

In my setup the FM output of HSDR produces good results with AIS signals. Here I use a FCD(Pro+) but any suitable receiver may be used.
The FM audio is sent to AIS monitor with virtual audio. AISmon here, https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/aismon/info join the group. It is available in other places but this is not recommended. Virtual audio see HERE for choices.

The picture below shows the setup.
HDSDR is setup for the FCD tuned to 162.025MHz, the FMN audio sent to a virtual audio cable. This is selected on the input of AISMon.
I have selected that the output goes to a virtual serial port COM4. The other end of this connection is COM5 and is selected as the input of AisDecoder.
Two examples of virtual serial port HERE

The data may be seen in tabular form.

Or, with Google Earth installed a .kmz file is sent to Google Earth via UDP, see AisDecode HELP. ["Google Earth" and "Configuring Google Earth"]
Here is a picture of vessels seen around here with my setup.