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G4ZFQ's Pages Softrock, SDR, Greyline (Grayline), other mainly Radio Oriented. A warning about a download? Virus Checker         If any links are dead look here:- Get older versions of files/web pages.


Soundcard SDR Software


Fundamental settings for digimodes beginners, receive only.  https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsd r_receive_digimodes RDS Spy, use the techniques, a link explains.

This page,  https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsdr_digi-modes gives many details about HDSDR and digimodes. With examples of CAT and DDE (Orbitron or SatPC32 controlling HDSDR for Doppler compensation). Dream DRM reception.

My preferred way for a HF panadaptor. Ideally take the Ensemble antenna connection from the transceiver. Using an Ensemble with a conventional transceiver as a panadaptor.

Using with a conventional receiver or transceiver as an IF panadaptor. 
http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsdr-if-pano  Ham Radio deluxe controlling HDSDR with DDE .

Using HDSDR with a RTL dongle 
https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsdr-use-with-rtl-dongle And using the dongle as an IF panadaptor with a conventional rig.
How to set HDSDR for measuring signal levels, can be reasonably accurate if you have a standard. Using HDSDR for signal measurements, the S meter and Spectral Display.

Autocorrelation (and Cepstrum), new features November 2013. If you want to use this feature you probably know more about it than I! https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsdr-autocorrelation

RX and TX Image adjustment for HDSDR
 https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/hdsdr-iq-balance This page should help for other software.

Alberto's Winrad help with illustrations updated to HDSDR.
To be completed one day..

SDR Sharp #
Notes for it's use.

Embedded DRM, some notes. The demo versions work but do not save settings.

Setup and some operation. But most is on Rocky's web site.
Editing Rocky.ini 
A zipped file showing how to setup Rocky for personalised frequencies. 

Some SDRs are similar to the Softrock, also see that section.
SDR on Acer Netbook 
Initial driver installation on a Windows 7 Acer netbook. Notes about using it with SDR. A few notes about Sodira which includes a DRM decoder.  http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/sdronasus 

Basic details for a beginner with an assembled SDR. Please note a soundcard SDR is not "Plug and Play" Understand you need to check transmit with a receiver first.  http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/configuring-a-softrock-sdr 

Initial setup 
Showing SDR# setup and operation Rocky. Soundcard settings, testing. A few laptops known to have stereo inputs. http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/connecting-soundcard-sdr-to-computer 

More soundcard settings

Ground Loops
Explanation of "signals" seen at the centre of the SDR display. http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/soundcard_sdr_ground_-earth-_loops?pli=1

More notes 
Ground loops and audio settings with HDSDR used for illustration. http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/more-on-ground-loops-and-audio-settings 

Using the FCD with WSPR-IQ, and with CWSkimmer no intermediate SDR program. https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/using_the_fcd

I have been an active member of the Yahoo! Softrock40 Group for more than five years. These pages are basically a summary of subjects raised there.

Softrock USB Driver and Controller

Some things clarified. Explanation of usage and error messages displayed.  http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/extio-or-cfgsr-some-notes   

Calibrating the Si570
Using HDSDR. Do not use software calibration with a Softrock.  

Modifications to the Wiring of Ensemble Isolation TransformersAnd notes to rectify low 20m output from some 40/30/20m Ensembles. Also Ensemble RX2 poor sensitivity on 10m.

January 2014:- All boards supplied from this date are corrected. No modification required.
July 2012 all Ensembles have a fault in the PCB layout. Page checked by Tony KB9YIG, the Softrock kit supplier.

Matching BS170 devices
in the RXRX.

TX signal levels in a Softrock RXTX.
Making diode probes. Checking the 1dB compression point. 

Softrock Si570 Internal power, other mods. 
for the Si570. TXRX Leds. etc. A way of making an IF tap from a transceiver for a panadaptor. Coming soon:-Grounding the KM5H case.

Adding the LPF for a Softrock Ensemble RXTX. 
The additional LPF as required by many RXTX versions 

Add USB control for older Softrocks
to a Softrock. Also shows some of the crazy ways I've done that. 

VHF Ensemble. 
Isolating the antenna socket.
Can overcome ground loop problems.

VAC and Virtual COM ports with PSDR. http://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/softrock-wspr-psdr-and-vac An alternative to VAC http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Cable/index.htm One cable free.

Program the ATTiny USB device

Si570 and Softrock Information 
Use "Ctrl - F" to search this big page for a keyword  Softrock construction, Soundcards, Computers, Si570 information and control methods, just about everything associated with Softrocks here... I intend to check links and update sometime.....

Essential Softrock Sites

Purchase the Kits, or Assembled Boards. http://fivedash.com/

Robby's site for construction of current Softrocks http://www.wb5rvz.org/ 

Older Softrocks http://www.wb5rvz.com/sdr/ A big site. Started as step-by-step construction site. Now has pages for everything, descriptions of current and obsolete Softrocks, setting up, software, fault finding.
Old pages superceded http://www.wb5rvz.com/index.html

Some notes about Programming Hans Summers' "Ultimate" multimode QRP transmitters. And some older GPS units that work with them.

The NEO-7 module. 0.25Hz -10MHz configurable numeric oscillator. Output frequency GPS-derived but greatly varying pulse width.

Tests on various soundcards    
EMU Tracker Pre this device is very similar to the EMU 0202 Sample rate 192KHz. USB2.
Xonar D2X Sample rate 192KHz PCIe I found this to be incompatible with other cards, even the on-board had to be disabled. All the others tested  worked together with no conflicts.    M-Audio Delta 44 PCI Two stereo pairs input and output. 96KHz.    Creative SB24 Live! PCI  Reasonable performance from this old SB0410 PCI card.    ESI Maya44 PCIe This is a "poor man's Delta 44" It has 4 ins and outs but not quite as good performance.    Realtek HD on-board audio    Creative SB24 Live! USB RX only

Isle of Wight Locator Maps. Two maps showing WAB and Maidenhead squares on the Isle of Wight. https://sites.google.com/site/g4zfqradio/iow_locator_squares

Greyline (Grayline) Pages A few pages showing "research" using Softrocks looking for dusk/dawn enhancements on the lower HF frequencies.

Details of my Charts and Current recordings

UK 5MHz Beacons, monitored with Softrock. Details available.

Other Google.
My beginnings with satellite TV and radio. http://sites.google.com/site/alan4alan/ 

NOTE! These pages may be updated at any time when corrections or new information are added.

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