Wow, What a Great Site!

If you have been taking a look at the some of the "fun sites for kids who love God" on the Home Page (or on the Complete List), and you found one you especially liked, then you probably said, "Wow! What a great site!" This page is where you can share your favorites with everyone.

Just click here to tell me which ones you like best, and I will gladly add what you want to say unto this page below. I'll even add links to the sites you think others would enjoy the most.  Let's share with everyone our top picks of the best kid-friendly websites!

Thanking God for you,

Katie's Dad

Feb. 22, 2013

From those who especially love "King's Call":

I just played the King's Call was so great.

I can't wait for my son, Adam, to do it.

I loved how you were trying to meet the king

and the places that tempted you along the way

and how you were being chased by this evil dragon

and the only way to defeat him was to lay your weapons down

and allow the shepherd to die in your place.

What an awesome way to share the message with your kids.

Love it!!!!!

Other Favorites!

This site is AMAZING!!! A definite to add to your Favorites!!

There's Odyssey, The Pond, Answers in Genesis...

We'll be using this in our curriculum this year for sure! LOVE it!

From those who love it all!

I'm putting it on my post today for all my friends! This is AWESOME!

Just went over it with Linden...I think we'll be incorporating this into our home school schedule
that we'll start back with next week. I can't thank you enough!! I LOVE it!

- Tiffany

Fantastic!  What a great selection - huge! 

Wonderful way for kids to learn. 

I will pass it on to other families.

- Marilyn

I forwarded your website to about 20 people I thought might be interested.

One of them is the principal of a Christian elementary school (Preschool - 8th grade). 

Hope it helps!

- Catherine

LOVE this...I will definitely share. 

I can't wait to sit down and really explore this.

- Vicki

I shared your sites with many of my friends,

especially Sunday School teachers, and everyone loved it. 

Great Job!!  Thanks for sharing.
- Nicole
PS: I may even use it myself to learn a thing or two.