The Complete List of Fun Sites

This is the complete collection of favorite websites designed to provide spiritually wholesome entertainment and fun learning for the whole family. If you're looking for uplifting online media, you'll find something enjoyable here for every age group, from radio shows and videos to games and fun activities.  Older kids will enjoy seeing how far they can advance in completing Bible adventures and challenges -- with quiz questions to test what they've learned of God's Word. Younger kids will enjoy hearing or watching Bible stories come to life. There are even some sites for all ages with puzzles and jokes, and others with movie reviews and creative activities.  You can even find answers to some of your most puzzling questions, like "How do dinosaurs fit with the 6 days of Creation?" or "How do I help someone become a child of God?" or "What will Heaven be like?"

To share with me by email which sites below you liked best, 
click here and I'll add your favorites to the Wow! What a Great Site page, and also to the list of Favorites.

Also email me with suggestions of other sites that you think should be added below. Just make sure that the site you want added is wholesome and doesn't include unsafe links or search boxes that could lead to sites that don't help you follow the words of Philippians 4:8, which should be every Christian's motto:

"Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don't ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise."

Yours for His pleasure,
Katie's Dad
Oct. 23, 2013

Note to Parents: Some of the sites below require certain media players in order to enjoy their audio or visual features. If your computer doesn't have a required player, you can download any of these players for free by clicking on the following links as needed:


(Note: These sites require the Adobe Flash Player to play audio)

His Kids Radio: Powerful. Positive. Radio On-Demand! (Ongoing Christian Radio for Kids) "Songs and stories for faith and fun 24 hours a day!"

Why not turn it on and enjoy listening to it at meal times or while replying to your daily emails!

(Note: if your family uses Firefox as your Internet Browser, before you can listen to His Kids Radio online, you'll first need to upgrade to the latest Firefox version or else download this special Add-on.)
For their Radio Program Schedule showing when they will air your favorite shows, click your time zone:
Pacific - Mountain - Central - Eastern

       You can also click the links below to hear any time some of the exciting programs heard on His Kids Radio.  

We Kids Radio (25 min.) For more episodes, click Previous Shows to listen to the last 4 weeks of this wonderful half hour show with Mr. Nick.

Click Songs for a list of each week's songs played on the show.
Click Free Stuff to get their stickers and kids pages in the mail. 
To hear some half-minute commercials (promos) for We Kids, go to the bottom of their Radio Stations page and click the links on the left side under "Audition," and you can then hear them with your "Windows Media Player." 

Paws & Tales
- (25 min. - updated weekly)
Through story and song, Paws & Tales serves up a cast of loveable forest animals who learn important lessons as they embark on a host of imaginative, fun-filled adventures in the vibrant community of Wildwood. Click Meet the Gang to read all about C.J.  Brown and his friends.
For four more episodes, click Previous Shows and select a title listed under Recent Broadcasts.
For earlier stories, click Archives and select the month under More Broadcast Archives. 

The Pond
(25 min. - updated weekly)
For pictures and details, go to Your Pond Friends. There are even coloring pages for you to print out and video previews for you to watch your Pond friends in action (just click "Watch Clips" at the top of their Home Page).

Down Gilead Lane
(25 min. - updated weekly)
Check out this exciting family radio drama, and see what Brooke, Justin and the rest of the Morrisons are up to! To learn about their previous episodes, go to this page and follow these two steps: First,
just look to the right side of the page, and after selecting any season, just press "Go". Then, choose the episode you want to read about. (Sorry, only the latest episode is free to hear. But click Meet the Morrisons for a free MP3 download of the very first episode).

Kids Corner
(25 min. - updated weekly)
Click Characters to see pictures of Liz and all his Lizard Friends, and to read their own descriptions of what they're like. For one-minute fun radio spots, go to Liz Radio. On the bottom of the page you can choose "Other Shows" to hear all 12 one-minute episodes and even email the characters from the show.  They also offer a Bible Correspondence Course, lots of Bible Puzzles, and Free Downloads.

They also have Bible Stories - Over 20 dramatized stories with a read-along script and a printable coloring page.
To hear these great 3-minute Bible stories, select a title from the middle section of the page, and then click the Play button. (Do not click the button on the left that says "LISTEN NOW", or the LISTEN button on top. These are only for the weekly broadcast of the Kids Corner show).

Your Story Hour
- (25 min. - updated weekly) Aunt Carole and Uncle Dan introduces 5 exciting dramatized true stories taken from the Bible, history and everyday adventures.  For last month’s stories, click Archives and select the month under More Broadcast Archives.  To hear even more true stories, click Podcasts.

Go to Lessons to receive their "Adventures in the Holy Bible" lessons by mail and get up to 13 free CDs dramatizing the life of Christ. The more lessons you complete, the more CDs you'll receive!

Adventures in Odyssey - Hear the last 11 episodes. (25 min. each - updated daily)

Radio Dramas for Kids: bringing moral and biblical principles to life with memorable characters and situations designed to ignite the imaginations of kids. 

Click here for pictures and to read about the main characters from Odyssey and Whit's End. 

Click Podcasts to listen to special bonus episodes and interviews with the cast.

Jonathan Park Radio Adventure (25 min.- updated weekly)
Each adventure is based on real places and scientific discoveries — all designed to build your faith!  To read about the characters, click Meet the Characters. To hear 2-minute samples of their previous shows, click Albums, select a title, and then click a play arrow. You can also Watch the Creation of Jonathan Park Adventures and listen to clips from their “behind the scenes” 10th anniversary album. Plus, when you sign up for their free Membership, you'll have access to deleted scenes, bloopers, cast and production photos, and fun “behind the scenes” factoids, as well as enjoy free downloads of puzzles, coloring pages, eBooks and Study Guides to go along with the episodes! Spend hours of fun time studying about God's creation and sharing the discoveries with family and friends!

(Note: The above show requires QuickTime to play the full episodes and video, but samples and clips do not need QuickTime).

 Karen and Kids Hear the last 4 episodes (15 min. each). Updated weekly.
Listen to Karen and Kids sing and share together on the wonderful truths of God's Word. Click here for pictures of Karen Mortimer and the Kids.

Story Time (15 min.) Favorite dramatized family stories and songs from Uncle Charlie & Kids.
You can also hear a longer radio show from Uncle Charlie & Kids called Children's Bible Hour (30 min.)
and their Classic
Keys for Kids (4 min.)
New ones added weekly.

Keys for Kids
(4 min. each) To hear more of these daily stories by Uncle Charlie, just go to the right side of the page, and after selecting any date, just press "Go". After hearing the story, click on the Bible verse and see if you can guess the "key" point to remember, then click the key at the bottom to unlock the answer.
(Note: Some of the older episodes requires RealPlayer to hear on your computer.)

Kids4Truth Devotionals
Two daily audio devotionals with read-along text.  (4 minutes each) 
Click "Listen" near the titles: “Daily Devotional” and “Truth in Real Life Moments.”

For more great messages, select a previous date in the calendar on the left side of the page.

- Hear a 3-minute dramatized Bible story  of Jesus walking on the water. 

(Note: Requires RealPlayer to hear the story on your computer).

The Raven and the Ring - You can print and color the coloring book while listening to the exciting 25-minute dramatized story of how God performed a miracle to save a starving family in Poland during the late 1700's. It also shows how God rewards honesty. 
A special story from Your Story Hour.


(Note: Most of these sites require the Adobe Flash Player to view)

Jelly Telly - My favorite Christian variety show (similar to the Muppets). It's from the makers of Veggie Tales, but this one is designed to go deeper into God's Word, yet it's still really fun for all ages.  Most of their videos are no longer free to watch online (it now costs $5 a month after the 2 week free trial), however, you can still watch some for free at Jelly Telly video segments (on GodTube). When you do become a member, you'll not only have access to all of the over 300 Jelly Telly Shows, but also videos of such shows as Come on OverThe Pond and The Parables, along with a series by Focus on the Family for older kidsLast Chance Detectives, and my all-time favorite from Insight for Living: Paws & Tales for younger kids. Plus, they also have Games  that you can play online when you become a member, or for 2 weeks for free. Enjoy!

Kids Talk About God - 60 fun video clips of kids answering questions like "Why did God create boys?"
Also check out their Kids Talk About Heaven slideshow and their Children's Talking Book.



God's Family - My Favorite Animated Gospel Presentation. 
Here you can watch a 5 minute animated cartoon of Pedro sharing the gospel with Olivia who doesn't even know what a Bible is.  Pedro tells her that God loves every one of us, even when we do things we shouldn't do.  But I won't tell you how it ends, you'll have to watch it yourself – it's very exciting. 

Have fun
sharing this cartoon with your friends who have email and who may not know Jesus.  And be sure to check out their link that says "Already a part of God's Family?" When you click on it, you can zoom in on their Guest Map to find your street address and then click it to put a pin in it. And you can add your name in the bubble that pops up to tell everyone you are a part of God's Family!

The Story of Jesus for Children
- This 62-minute video introduces children to the life of Jesus, giving them a chance to see and hear the whole story of Jesus at once, from a child's perspective! The video answers questions in clear and concrete terms, provides fast action, and ends with an invitation, by a child to children, to choose to invite Jesus into their lives. There is also a Spanish version, as well as many other languages. You can even choose to watch it with open captioning of words at the bottom of the screen in English or Spanish (so you can read along as you watch). For a brief 3-minute preview in English, click: Preview.

God's Story
- 75 Minutes of Animated Bible Stories from Creation to Eternity,
read by Disney star, Dean Jones. Also available in Spanish and other languages.


The Great Dinosaur Mystery
- A fascinating 20-minute motion picture
from Eden Communications, the creators of God's Story (shown above).

For their Audio clips, click Dinosaur Trail.


Kids Answers
- Selected Christian video clips for kids to learn about God's creation. The ones below marked "DVD" can be purchased from Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis, the creation ministry which produced most of these videos for kids.  Some of these selections were taken from Answers Magazine Videos
  • D is for Dinosaur (15 minutes) Ages: 2–7 years old. "DVD"

  • Dinosaurs, Genesis & the Gospel (60 minutes) Ages: 5-11 years old. "DVD"  
    Part 1A -- Part 1B -- Part 2A -- Part 2B  - This upbeat, educational show is filled with music and fun biblical teaching.  Ken Ham and Buddy Davis answer questions about dinosaurs and how they relate to the Bible.
    • The Animal Kinds (30 minutes) Ages: 5-11 years old. "DVD" - Part 1 -- Part 2
      Dinosaur sculptor and songwriter Buddy Davis visits with children at the Creation Museum’s cool botanical gardens and petting zoo as they sing-and-learn about the amazing animal “kinds” that God created, including the camel, dog, and horse kinds. He wraps up with a kid-friendly presentation of the gospel.
    • The Creation Adventure Team: "Six Short Days, One Big Adventure" (35 minutes) "DVD"
                          Ages: 5–14 years old -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5
    • The Creation Adventure Team: "A Jurassic Ark Mystery" (40 minutes) "DVD"
                         Ages: 5–14 years old -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 -- Part 6
    • The Riddle of the Dinosaurs (62 minutes) "DVD"
                         Ages: 5–11 years old -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 -- Part 6 -- Part 7
    • The X-Nilo Show: Dinosaurs and the Bible (30 minutes) "DVD"
                         Ages: 8 & up -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3
    • Dinosaurs and the Bible (33 minutes) Ages: 12 & up. "DVD" -- Part 1 -- Part 2
                         Dr. Lisle shows how to understand dinosaurs through “biblical glasses.” 
    • Creation Proclaims: Climbers and Creepers (50 minutes) Ages: 12 & up "DVD"

      You’ll come face-to-face with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures—ferocious, mysterious, and at times hilarious.  In each creature feature, you’ll learn how God is reaching out to mankind by making Himself known in unmistakable ways through:

    • Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution - Remarkable animal designs that cannot be explained by traditional evolution.  Ages: 12 & up "Short samples from their 3 volume DVD set"
                Giraffe Design -- Elephant Design -- (More to come)

    • Dan Breeding presents: Creatures of Creation (4 minutes each)
                Auggie the Alligator -- Maddy the Lemur -- Eugene, the Eurasian Eagle Owl -- Prickles the Porcupine
                Also check out his Safari Map to Heaven (On the map, click the word "Creation" to begin its video)

    • Snakes Alive! (40 minutes) Watch the "Snakes Alive!" workshop in a room of full of curious kids at the Creation Museum.

      • Dangerous Journey - The story every child should know! With illustrations set to music, this series of nine 15-minute programs retells the classic story of The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan. (135 minutes) "DVD"    
      Ages: 5 & up -- Part 1 -- Part 2 -- Part 3 -- Part 4 -- Part 5 -- Part 6 -- Part 7 -- Part 8 -- Part 9

The Watchmaker: An artistic Dynamation about our Creator! 
For others like this, go to
Kids4Truth - Multimedia Dynamations

Welcome to Heaven - Comic strip online booklet sharing the Good News of the Gospel. One of my favorites!

The Adventures of Donkey Ollie - Journey to Jerusalem - This 27-minute award-winning musical video is the first of 3 videos featuring Ollie, a donkey who wants to serve God. The 2nd one is called Road to Damascus (also 27 minutes). Both have appeared on television. The 3rd one, Donkey Ollie in "Shipwrecked," is a full length movie (77 minutes) and is not yet available as a windows media video, but if you ask your parents, they might be able to access a search engine to help find the Google video version for you.

Bible for Children - Dozens of Illustrated Bible Stories, available to view as full color slide shows (by using the arrow keys on your keyboard to turn pages). You can even print them as Coloring Books. They also have Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan in 6 parts:

Bible Stories are available in Spanish, too! For other languages, click here.

The Never Ending Prayer
- This hilarious video is about a little girl's very long prayer of thanks at the dinner table while celebrating Thanksgiving Day with her family.


Superbook's Gospel Presentation for Kids - Animated 4-page Slide Show with Audio Presentation (Also available in Spanish)

For God So Loved the World
- A beautiful look at Jesus, from Dayspring's "Master Peace" collection.

(Note: These sites require the Adobe Flash Player to view)

- Features animated Bible Lesson Adventures, through which you earn Wonderzone dollars that you can spend to buy virtual clothes and furniture for your very own animated cartoon character that you design yourself and move about in your house in Wonderville.
Includes Games, Activities, a 365-day Daily Kids Devotional, and a Message Center where you can share prayer requests and questions with helpful Trail Guides who answer every message! (Some activities require filling out a simple sign up form - no email address required).
(Created by Child Evangelism Fellowship, makers of the Wordless Book)

iToadU - Animated Bible Lessons with "fill in the blank" quizzes that automatically score your answers! Note: Registration is required to view the lessons which are then accessed from the Chapel at Camp Be-Yon-Key where you earn BeYonKey Bucks that you can spend to buy virtual clothes and furniture for your very own animated cartoon character that you design yourself and move about in your room at camp. Plus, the more bucks you earn, the more games you can play on their Game page. They also have a fun Crafts page. is brought to you by CBH (Children's Bible Hour) Ministries, home of the following radio shows: Story Time, Down Gilead Lane, and Keys for Kids, all listed above, near the top of this list of Fun Sites for Kids for Kids who Love God.

Kids World - Here you'll find a variety of illustrated online lessons for kids of all ages. Even though they are not animated like some other sites, there is one series called Storytime that lets you hear each lesson being read to you! And after each lesson you can answer "multiple choice questions" right on the computer to see how much you’ve learned.  And they offer progress award posters that you can print out and display proudly – you get a new one after every 5 lessons you pass.  You can also receive the lessons and awards by mail instead, which many prefer, because that way you can get more rewards (such as personal letters of encouragement, colorful certificates, and bonus booklets).  Either online or by mail, these lessons help to make learning the Bible fun and exciting!
                        From UB David & I'll B Jonathan, Inc.

Your Story Hour's Kids Korner - Features an online Clubhouse magazine full of stories, jokes, and puzzles. You can even print it out. Plus, you can get free Bible Lessons in English or Spanish.  When you complete the lessons in English, you will get mailed to you up to 13 free audio CDs dramatizing the life of Christ. The more lessons you complete, the more CDs you'll receive!

AWANA T&T Quizzes and Games - Whether or not you attend the AWANA Bible memory club at your church, you'll love these great sites which offer fun ways to learn the Bible online:  
      - Offers Bible quiz games for 1 to 4 players based on the 4 books used in T&T: Truth and Training (the AWANA club for 3rd to 6th graders). If you don't have a T&T book, you can click the following links for printable Study Sheets to use instead:
      Book 1
      - Book 2 - Book 3 - Book 4.

YO! Place Read along with Mr. Nick as you listen to him share your choice of 11 exciting and true
Bible stories from the
life of Jesus. These are the same stories heard on We Kids Radio (listed above). Each story has 5 colorfully illustrated videos at only about 3 minutes each, one video for each day of the week (Monday to Friday).  To listen, simply select a story and click on the Play button under the day you want to listen to.

Bible Quiz - 10 Multiple Choice Bible Quiz Questions for beginners.
Take the quiz, then go back after you are finished to see which answers are right or wrong. Have Fun!

For more advanced questions click: Quiz 2 - Quiz 3 - Quiz 4 - Quiz 5.
Great way to test your Bible knowledge! 
If you need help, you may look up the answers on this Bible Verse Lookup site. 

Superbook - Lots of Games with a "Character Creator" based on the new 3D version of the CBN cartoon "Superbook" featuring the Bible adventures of two 11 year old kids, Chris Quantum & Joy Pepper, who travel back in time with their robot, Gizmo, to meet the famous David who fought Goliath. Also has a kids’ Christian music radio station, along with Contests with cool Prizes!
Don't forget to check out "Professor Quantum's Q&A Contraption" to help you learn the truths of the Bible.

- a safe online play space for children ages 2-
6 from the Lutheran Hour Ministries.

Includes music videos with Grandpa Jim.

- Enjoy Videos, E-cards, Arcade Games, Activities and Interactive Stories with your favorite characters from VeggieTales! Click Site Map to see
everything that's available on this great website!


Clubhouse Magazine
- Stories, Jokes, Movie Reviews, Comics, Videos, Crafts, Recipes, and lots more from Focus on the Family, the makers of Average Boy (shown right) and Adventures in Odyssey (see Radio Shows above), all geared for kids ages 8 to 12.
They also have a Clubhouse Jr. site for 4- to 8-year-old girls and boys.

Friends and Heroes - Stories, games, downloads, and previews of animated videos from Bible times.

King's Call
- a Christian online adventure game.
Here's what one fan of King's Call had to say about it: "I just played the King game... it was so great.  I loved how you were trying to meet the king and the places that tempted you along the way and how you were being chased by this evil dragon and the only way to defeat him was to lay your weapons down and allow the shepherd to die in your place. What an awesome adventure. Love it!!!!!"

Gospel Champs

Gospel message for kids, plus a fun Kite Game and Scripture Match Game to see if you know how to go to Heaven.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery - World's largest and most exciting dinosaur site. Educational & fun from the makers of Kid Explorers (below).

Kid Explorers - Adventures in the rain forest!

Learn about the Creator of the universe by exploring His marvelous creation. Fun for the whole family with games, activities, stories, answers to kids' questions, coloring pages, movie reviews, video clips, and more!


Kids Answers - Animals - Answers in Genesis for Kids offers interesting facts, photos and activity pages about exotic animals from God's creation.
Also, check out their Kids Answers Magazine, below.

Kids Answers Christmas Magazine - Includes a Full Screen Poster of Jesus' Birth.

Under the Apple Tree
- Read a monthly story & memory verse, share jokes, solve puzzles, send your friends postcards by email, or color a picture of the website's monster puppet, MacGillicuddy, and have it added to the Kids Art Gallery.



These sites may not teach you the Bible, but they are useful, safe, and kid-friendly.

Pics4Learning - Clipart - A kid-friendly collection of free images and photos.

UpToTen Kids - the fun place to learn on-line, for kids aged 10 and under, featuring animated learning and games with Boowa and Kwala.

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