Australasian Trade Workshop

I am a co-organizer, with Benedikt Heid from the University of Adelaide and Martin Richardson from the Australian National University, of the Australasian Trade Workshop (ATW). This is a trade-oriented conference and you are encouraged to submit and/or attend the annual meeting! The last conference (ATW14) was hosted by the RMIT University in Melbourne in March 2019, and the local organizer was Bilgehan Karabay who did a fantastic job. Thanks Bilgehan!

Unfortunately, ATW 15 had to be cancelled because of the Corona crisis. Furthermore, the continuing pandemic is still keeping Australian borders closed for international travel. This makes any face to face participation of international scholars in March 2021 very unlikely. We think that the informal face to face interactions are an essential part of ATW, and we therefore do not see an online only ATW as an attractive or viable alternative, particularly given the wide variety of time zones of the countries from which ATW presenters typically originate. With a heavy heart, we have therefore decided to cancel also ATW 2021 and we are now planning to hold the next ATW at ANU, Canberra in March 2022.

Previously, ATW took place at the University of Auckland (2018), the Queensland University of Technology (2017), the University of Adelaide (2016, 2011), the University of Sydney (2015), at Curtin University (2014), the University of Melbourne (2013), the University of New South Wales (2012), the ANU (2010) and the University of Otago (2006-9).