Francesco Amodio
Assistant Professor, McGill University

Department of Economics anInstitute for the Study of International Development

CEPR and IZA Research Affiliate, CIREQ Research Fellow, McGill CPD Associate Member

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francesco.amodio [at] 

McGill University
Leacock Building 514
855 Sherbrooke St. West
Montreal, QC, 
H3A 2T7

Research Interests Labor Economics, Development Economics, Political Economy

I study market imperfections and their impact on the productivity and efficiency of organizations.
Published and
Forthcoming Papers
Input Allocation, Workforce Management and Productivity Spillovers: Evidence from Personnel Data 
The Review of Economic Studies 85(4), 2018, 1937-1970.

Ethnicity and Violence During Democratic Transitions: Evidence from South Africa 
with Giorgio Chiovelli
Journal of the European Economic Association 16(4), 2018, 1234-1280.

Making Do with What You Have: Conflict, Input Misallocation and Firm Performance 
The Economic Journal 128(615), 2018, 2559-2612.

Crime Protection Investment Spillovers: Theory and Evidence from the City of Buenos Aires
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 159, 2019, 626-649.
Working Papers
Revise and Resubmit, Journal of the European Economic Association

Work in Progress
Workplace Incentives and Organizational Learning

Causes and Consequences of Trade Liberalization
 Policy Briefs Working in Export Manufacturing: A Blessing or a Curse?
with Andreas Menzel [

The Effect of the Italian Support System for Refugees and Asylum Seekers on the Local Economy

with Angelo Martelli and Claire Paoli [

Trade Restrictions Lead to Lower Wages and More Violence.
with Michele Di Maio [
 Media/Posts How conflict disrupts the economy: New evidence from the West Bank and Gaza
with Michele Di Maio, December 2018, [link]

Se i Rifugiati Danno Posti di Lavoro agli Italiani
with Angelo Martelli and Claire Paoli, October 2018, [link]

Feedback rating to decrease bribery: Evidence from the Kyrgyz Republic
with Jieun Choi, Giacomo De Giorgi and Aminur Rahman, July 2018, [link]

Il Ventennio Boom del Divario Generazionale
with Angelo Martelli, June 2014, [link]

Firms in Conflict: Adapt or Perish
with Michele Di Maio, May 2014, [link]

Percepciones y Realidad sobre el tema de los Delitos en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
with Lucia Freira, February 2013, [link]
Stata  RD Design: A Simplified Test for Discontinuity in the Density of the Forcing Variable [*.do file]

Basics are from 
McCrary (2006), but simple triangle kernel is used for estimation of density functions on both sides of the cutoff. Allows for choice of bin size for computation of discretized density, and bandwidth for kernel smoothing. The line plot of estimated densities is superimposed to the scatter plot of discretized density. Height difference and its standard error are estimated using bootstrap methods.

Correction of Misspelled Strings using Levenshtein Distance through the 'strgroup' Command [*.do file]

It applies to cases in which misspelled strings have to be matched with correct spells from a given vocabulary. The 'strgroup' command is developed by Julian Reif, University of Chicago (

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