Giacomo De Giorgi [CV]

Professor of Economics -- IEE/GSEM, University of Geneva

Visiting Professor -- UC-Irvine

Research Fellow -- CEPR and BREAD

Research Affiliate -- IPA

Co-Organizer -- Virtual Development Economics Seminar (BREAD-CEPR-VDEV) - watch!

Latest Publications

Consumption Networks Effects, with A. Frideriksen and L. Pistaferri, the Review of Economic Studies, 2020, vol 87(1), pp. 130-163. [Non-technical summary in VOXEU]

Business Literacy and Development: Evidence from an RCT in Rural Mexico, with G. Calderon-Guemez and J. Cunha, Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2020, vol 68(2), pp. 507-540.

The Price Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers, with J. Cunha and S. Jayachandran, the Review of Economic Studies, 2019, vol 86(1), pp. 240-281.