Giacomo De Giorgi  [CV

Professor of Economics -- IEE/GSEM, University of Geneva

Research Fellow -- CEPR and BREAD

Research Affiliate -- IPA

Co-Organizer -- Virtual Development Economics Seminar (BREAD-CEPR-VDEV) - watch

Co-Founder of the IEE Honors' Program

Latest Selected Publications

Life after (Soft) Default, with C. Naguib,  forthcoming at the European Economic Review

Born to Be (Sub)Prime: An Exploratory Analysis, with H. Bach, P. Campa, J. Nosal, and D. Pietrobon, the AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2023, 113: 166-71.

The Extension of Credit with Non-Exclusive Contracts and Sequential Banking Externalities, with A. Drenik, and E. Seira, the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2023, vol 15(1): 233-271. [Winner of the 2020 Banamex Prize]

Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative, with S. Albanesi and J. Nosal, the Journal of Monetary Economics, 2022, 132: 118-139.

Consumption Networks Effects, with A. Frideriksen and L. Pistaferri,  the Review of Economic Studies, 2020, 87(1): 130-163. [Non-technical summary in VOXEU]

The Price Effects of Cash Versus In-Kind Transfers, with J. Cunha and S. Jayachandran, the Review of Economic Studies, 2019, vol 86(1): 240-281.