In Progress

In Progress

The Extension of Credit and Sequential Banking Externalities, with A. Drenik, and E. Seira, forthcoming at AEJ: Policy

Credit Growth and the Financial Crisis: A New Narrative, with S. Albanesi and J. Nosal, R&R at the Journal of Monetary Economics

[Non-technical summary in VOXEU]

Media: NPR All Things Considered, Markets, Quartz, derStandard (in German), Yahoo Finance, LiveMint

Bribes vs. Taxes: Market Structure and Incentives, with F. Amodio, J. Choi and A. Rahman, forthcoming at Journal of Comparative Economics

[Non-technical summary in VoxDev]

The Effects of Government Spending on the Consumption Distribution, with L. Gambetti

Life-Cycle Inequality: Blacks and Whites Differentials in Life Expectancy, Savings, Income, and Consumption, with L. Gambetti, C. Naguib

Climate Risk as Financial Risk, with C. Naguib

Financially Lost Generations, with D. Pietrobon

Intergenerational Mobility in the Long-Run, with M. Prado, and B. Severgnini

Production Interactions in Endogenous Networks, with I. Melguizo, M. Pellizzari, and T. Rodriguez Barraquer

Farmers to Entrepreneurs, with S. DiFalco and T. Woessel

Export Effects, with N. Ali, A. Rahman and E. Verhoogen

Gentrification, with E. Moretti and H. Wheeler

Consumption Heterogeneity over the Business Cycle, with L. Gambetti

The Role of Social Networks in the Early NYSE, with P. Moser and F. Panier

Climate Change and Development, with L. Pistaferri

Long Term Effects of a Mandatory Multistage Program: The New Deal for Young People in the UK, [IFS Working Papers, W05/08]