Francesco Amodio

Associate Professor, McGill University

I am on leave and visiting Universitat Pompeu Fabra for the academic year 2022/23

CEPR and IZA Research Affiliate,  CIREQ and CReAM Research Fellow 

MONT^2 Founding Member,  McGill CPD Associate Member                                

Leacock Building 514

855 Sherbrooke St. West

Montreal, QC, H3A 2T7 

curriculum vitae [pdf]

e-mail  francesco.amodio [at]

twitter  @fscoamodio

Research Interests

I study market frictions and their impact on the productivity and efficiency of organizations, focusing primarily on firms and labor markets in low-income countries.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

The Employment Effects of Ethnic Politics (with G. Chiovelli and S. Hohmann)

Work Style Diversity and Diffusion Within and Across Organizations: Evidence from Soviet-style Hockey (with S. Hoey and J. Schneider)

Selection, Absolute Advantage, and the Agricultural Productivity Gap (with F. Alvarez and M. Poschke)

Labor Market Power, Self-employment, and Development (with P. Medina and M. Morlacco)

Weather Shocks Affect Trade Policy: Evidence from PTAs (with L. Baccini, G. Chiovelli and M. Di Maio)

FDI, Labor Market Power, and Structural Transformation (with H. Pham and M. Sanfilippo)

Trade Liberalization and Political Violence: Evidence from North-South PTAs  (with L. Baccini, G. Chiovelli and M. Di Maio) 

Evaluating Export Benefits Along the Value Chain (with G. Chiovelli and S. Frache)

Other Publications

Crime Protection Investment Spillovers: Theory and Evidence from the City of Buenos Aires

Bribes vs. Taxes: Market Structure and Incentives (with J. Choi, G. De Giorgi and A. Rahman)

Pre-colonial Ethnic Institutions and Party Politics in Africa (with G. Chiovelli and D. Munson)

Policy Briefs and Research Notes