Concours F3B-FAI

Chti Cup / FAI-World Cup Competition F3B 2020


Date : 5&6/09/2020

Organizer : FRM ( )

Venue :

Directions for arrival : Where

Competition organisation: Philippe Quoy +33 671839543


Compétition director: Philippe Quoy


By participating in the competition the pilot acknowledges the following rules :

    • FAI Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling-CIAM General Rules, 2020 Edition, Section C, CIAM General Rules for International Contests : GeneralRules
    • Sporting Code Section 4, Aeromodelling, Volume F3 Radio Control Soaring Model Aircraft, 2020 Edition, Part Five, 5.3.Class F3B - RC Multi-task Gliders and 5.G Class F3G – RC Multi-task Gliders with Electric Motor : Soaring

Titles and awards:

    • Senior individual
    • Speed classification
    • Junior individual (up to 23 years)
    • Rookie classification
    • F3B-electro

Conditions :

Each participant needs a valid FAI-sporting licence 2020

Frequencies : 2,4 GHz. Other frequencies on request.

Registration :

Registration is only possible on the website : Registation

The registration is only valid if the entry-fee is transferred until 15.08.2020.

Entry fees :

    • 50€ for seniors,
    • 20€ for rookies and juniors(up to 23 years)
    • 0 € juniors (up to 18 years)

Jury :

Jury-president and three jury-members from the participants from different nations; the election is done before the start of the competition.

Protest :

The fee for aprotest is 35€ and must be deposit with the written protest in English language.

Schedule :

Saturday, september 5 2020

      • 7.40 am Briefing
      • 8.00am Start of competition
      • ~ 12.00 Lunch break (1 hour)
      • ~8.00 Barbecue

Sunday, september 6 2020

      • 8.00 am Continuation of competition
      • ~ 12.00 Lunch break (1 hour)
      • 3 pm End of competition
      • 4 pm Price giving ceremony on the field

Catering :

Breakfast will be offered on the field.

The organiser will provide :

      • lunch (2 sandwiches, dessert, drink) on Saturday and Sunday for €8 per person/per day
      • diner (on Saturday evening; BBQ on the site) for €10 per person.

Please, book for your meals via the form below and please pay by bank transfer to the club before 15/08/2020 (see IBAN upper).

Meal registration

Accommodation :

It is allowed to camp on the field but none convenience is available (only one TOILETS and one ton with water).

Camper (or caravans) cannot reach the field but can park nearby.

Several hotels are located nearby (less than 15mn by car). You will find them on Websites such as Booking Tripadvisor etc...

Other :

Pilots with electric-powered models (F3G) are invited.These pilots will start in separate groups with a separate ranking. A double registration will be possible.