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R Packages

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My R package LSAfun is available at CRAN

This package contains a collection of useful standard functions for working with semantic spaces (for example Latent Semantic Analysis, LSA). The R manual is available here. A more detailed manual with instructions as well as some theoretical background is available in the following article:

Günther, F., Dudschig, C., & Kaup, B. (2015). LSAfun – An R package for computations based on Latent Semantic Analysis. Behavior Research Methods, 47, 930-944. Link Download


The LSAfun package is not designed for creating semantic spaces. To create semantic spaces (from small corpora) in R, use the package lsa.

If you want to build semantic spaces from larger text corpora, it makes sense to use specialized software packages, such as S-Space, DISSECT, SemanticVectors, gensim

If you are interested in using word2vec word embedings, here are some very fine options to create those in R: rword2vec and wordVectors

These packages create word2vec embeddings in R using only one line of code, and run decently fast also on local machines!

Alternatively, there are many pre-built semantic spaces publicly available! Check out the Semantic Spaces repository provided on this page.