Investing Today in Tomorrow's Future
Mission Statement:  The Friends of Hamilton ISD Education Foundation is committed to cultivating learning opportunities for students and advancing innovation in the classroom.

As a board, we have worked fervently to spread the word out about our foundation to community members, alumni, parents and teachers.  Friends of Hamilton ISD is committed to give back each year what we’ve received - Showing donors proof of how their donations directly impact the students in our schools.  Community members are jumping on board with the fact that our foundation is working directly with Hamilton ISD educators to give back to the students.  
Why an Education Foundation?

Education Foundations have popped up across our state and nation as a way to provide funds beyond the normal operating budget for education programs and activities for students and staff.  It is a common way to
  • help facilitate student achievement and skill development,
  • recognize and encourage staff excellence
  • and expand community involvement in the education of students. 

It provides a vehicle for individuals and companies to give big or small to students at the school without going through the headache of setting up their own trust which may have very specific guidelines for giving. 

Friends of Hamilton ISD has strived to do just this.  In 2011 when our board was formed, we laid out goals of paying for Dual Credit tuition, offering scholarships, assisting with special projects and giving classroom grants to aid our teachers in reaching our students.


The Friends of Hamilton ISD Education Foundation was originally established in 1999 as a 501(c)3 IRS approved non-profit organization.  The organization was used to raise funds for the Hamilton High School gymnasium seats.  The organization was then utilized as a vehicle for donations to be applied for student scholarships.

In June 2011, a new Board of Directors was established with the intention to revive the organization to make an impact on the students of Hamilton ISD as an Education Foundation.
Board Members

Friends of Hamilton ISD is made up of community members, parents, and educators.  Board Members serve staggered 3-Year terms.  Terms begin in July of each year.  

Anyone interested in serving on the FoHISD Board or who may have questions regarding the board, is asked to contact the FoHISD president by emailing friendsofhamiltonisd@gmail.com.