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Friends of Astley Hall, on production of a current year membership card, are entitled to a 10% discount for up to four people.

Astley Hall in Chorley is probably the most enigmatic gentry’ house in the North West. Behind its grey exterior lies a 17th century brick façade, hiding a 16th century timber-framed house. The surprising interior features some of the most opulent plaster ceilings in the country, rare painted panelling and very fine English oak furniture including, a 23 foot shovel-board table. The Hall’s collections include 17th century Flemish tapestries, 18th century glassware, cream ware pottery and portraits of the four interconnected dynasties who lived in the Hall.

Who We Are-

  • The Friends of Astley Hall were formed in 1974 (originally as The Astley Hall Society) to raise the profile of the Hall.
  • We provide support and funds for conservation and restoration.

What We Do-

  • We raise donations by hosting special events, costume displays and afternoon teas.
  • We steward the Long Gallery. (housing the shovel-board table)
  • We assist with events at the Hall such as the Chorley Flower Show, Astley Illuminated, Winter Sparkel (for Derian House Children's Hospice), Heritage Days and Seasonal activities.

How You Can Help-

  • Become a member by paying an annual fee or if you have the time and interest become a volunteer.
  • Keep in touch throughTwitter
  • Or

Join the Friends by taking out a subscription or maybe assisting at the Astley Hall. Volunteering at the Hall qualifies for Time Credits.

If a person gives 1 hour of time they earn 1 Time Credit that can be spent on a range of activities locally or nationally.

Astley Hall features a unique Memorial to the men on Chorley who were killed in the Great War. Click HERE for more details.