Contact Us


Contact Us

We welcome suggestions from the public as to ways in which the rail trail can be further improved for the benefit of all users.

Your suggestions will be put to the City of Greater Geelong Rail Trail Advisory Committee by the two members who represent our group on that committee.

We also welcome enquiries from any people who may be interested in joining our volunteer group - male, female, young or not so young. All welcome!

Wilson Heer
(Hon. Secretary)

Alastair Mackintosh
Vice President
(03) 5248 5234
David LeLievre
(03) 5250 2036
Wilson Heer
(03) 5250 4507

Peter Rankin 
(03) 5250 1821
Trevor Jennings 

(03) 5250 4177 
Warren Long
Works Co-ordinator

Gillian Long
Assistant Treasurer