Other great freeware sites

Home of the Underdogs  - This site the very best out there for freeware. It's had some problems with regestering it's domain name in the past but it seems to be up currently. It has very good catigorization of games and good reviews. One of the only sites where you can filter the games so that it shows you the best rated hotseat multiplayer games.

 GameHippo.com - Way more than 1000 games. All the games are catigorized and you can view the best in any catigory. For each game images tell you if the game is multiplayer, kid safe, etc. Some reviews are quite outdated.


Other great cheapware sites

    What's a cheapware site? Well, I believe I actually made that term up, but it's a good one isn't it? These are more officially called Indie Game sites. Indie is short for indipendent. These games are usually made by small developers independent of the large game companies. They usually produce games that are more creative than the stuff that's cranked out by the large-scale developers. And what's more, there're cheap!


 Game Tunnel - This is the place for indie games. This site is especially famous for it's Game of the Year awards. There's a little bit of quality freeware scattered through the site too if you keep your eyes open.

 Garage Games - Basiclly the same as Game Tunnel but this site has a smaller selection of games. All of the games on this site are covered on Game Tunnel as well.


Fun un-freeware-related stuff

More on this later.