Wolstenholme Projects, Liverpool 2006-2009

Other curated projects:

Economies of Resistance

A Tooting market stall was transformed into a resistance platform on May Day; artists' from far and wide were invited to send their visualisations of revolutionary material. That material was amassed at the market stall and copied for shoppers and anarchists alike to take away and do what they wish with the material. I developed a follow-up project in Liverpool, during Liverpool City of Radicals, this time a gallery show and a "Spam Email" library featuring my correspondence with serial spammers around the world interpreting their methods as resistance acts.

Compromised Collaborations

An exhibition in which the curators took artists' unfinished works and completed them on their behalf. The show developed from the Medieval Latin curatus "one responsible for the care (of souls)," and from Latin curatus, past participle of curare "to take care of" - in other words it took the piss out of the idea that curation is a process of making "sick" artworks better, think bleached white gallery walls like a hospital.