LET THE JOURNEY COMMENCE ... Click on Image to Enlarge


The exactly 30min flight and great fun!


Goodbye Brit King George VI and Good Riddance!

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WELCOME to JERSEY home of the Third Reich!

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THE HOTEL with a nice Maserati motor parked out front


FIRST things FIRST a little Peace and Spiritual Guidance
I lit a candle and said a prayer for my own recently departed mother

Right - Ready!


 The famous Liberation Hotel opposite Liberation Square below


Good God Man - I am such a tourist - So Embarrassing
Now I know how the many SW Tourists I meet each summer feel




Everything is Authentic and Original and Very Impressive!



The unfinished tunnels are just as fascinating.

There are so many Staged Rooms and just to much to photograph!

Conclusion - what impressed me the most, was that the place had a boiler room connected to pipes and radiators which means that the complex was in essence centrally heated - see pics - Incredible!

You could spend hours in here

There you have The Jersey War Tunnels but much more to come!

So onwards and upwards to the North-West of the Island


Jerseys rugged coastline but on our way to a real gem!

 Erm - if I'd known about this - I would have brought
my own German Kriegsmarine flag and replaced it!





This bunker complex and including the many rare and original
contents is privately owned and would be valued at a small fortune!

German Engineering - would you like to storm this beach?
I took this interesting picture through a machine gun post in which
you can clearly see the sheer field-of-fire both Scary and Awesome!


Nurse Erika Feige-Windhauer
I also found this Human Interest Story of particular interest and
most poignant. From her arrival on Jersey in 1943 to becoming 
British POW soon after Liberation in May45 and her eventual 
return to Germany in 1948.

She returned to Jersey almost 50yrs later to recount the
positive and pleasant time she had spent on the Island.

Let me put it this Way

Where would you rather be Posted - Jersey or Stalingrad!

JERSEY also has it's own unique form Jersey-French language known 
as Jerrais or 'Jersey Norman French' but English now prevails


So Au Revoir Channel Islands ... it's been emotional

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