Recent CV and papers (under re-construction)

Recently published

Markups and Firm-Level Export Status” (with Jan De Loecker), American Economic Review, Vol. 102 (6), October 2012, pp. 2437-2471.

Increased Sorting and Wage Inequality in the Czech Republic: New Evidence Using Linked Employer-Employee Dataset” (with Tor Eriksson and Mariola Pytlikova), Economics of Transition, Vol. 21 (2), April 2013, pp. 357-380.

Estimating productivity with multi-product firms, pricing heterogeneity and the role of international trade” (with Valérie Smeets), Journal of International Economics, Vol. 90 (2), July 2013, pp. 237-244.

Vertical Integration, Exclusivity and Game Sales Performance in the U.S. Video Game Industry” (with Ricard Gil), Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Vol. 31 (sup. 1), August 2015, pp. i143-i168.

Endogenous Markups, Firm Productivity and International Trade: A Test of the Melitz-Ottaviano Model” (with Flora Bellone, Patrick Musso and Lionel Nesta), Journal of Economic Geography, Vol. 16 (1), January 2016, pp. 67-91.

Rethinking De-Industrialization” (with Andrew Bernard and Valerie Smeets), Economic Policy, Vol 32 (89), January 2017, pp. 5-38.

Evaluating the net benefits of collective reputation: The case of Bordeaux wine (with Olivier Gergaud, Florine Livat and Bradley Rickard), Food Policy, 71, August 2017, pp. 8-16.

Performance, Career Dynamics, and Span of Control” (with Valérie Smeets and Michael Waldman), Journal of Labor Economics, 37, no. 4 (October 2019): 1183-1213

CV (Updated, December 2018)

Working papers/work in progress
  • Coping with the Crisis and Export Diversification” (with Kaleb Girma Abreha and Valérie Smeets), November 2019. Resubmitted.
  • Processing Trade, Productivity and Prices: Evidence from a Chinese Production Survey” (with Yao Amber Li and Valerie Smeets), November 2019Under revision.
  • "A Transformation Function Approach to Estimate Firm-Product Technical Efficiency" (with Emmanuel Dhyne, Amil Petrin and Valérie Smeets), November 2019. Reject and resubmit, under revision.
  • "AI Adoption in Denmark", November 2019.
  • “Multiproduct Firms in French Manufacturing, the Rise of Subcontracting and Global Sourcing (with Valerie Smeets), October 2019. Draft coming soon.
  • Firm-Product Markups. Efficiency and Trade Openess” (with Andrea Lamorgese and Andrea Linarello), October 2019. Under revision.
  • “Offshoring and the Shortening of the Quality Ladder: Evidence from Danish Apparel” (with Valérie Smeets and Sharon Trieberman), August 2019. Under revision.
  • Multi-Product Firms, Import Competition, and the Evolution of Firm-product Technical Efficiencies” (with Emmanuel Dhyne, Amil Petrin and Valérie Smeets), April 2019. Under revision. See also the older NBER working paper version
  • A French Recipe to Become a Top ChefAssortative Matching and Gradual Human Capital Accumulation in Creative Industries (with Olivier Gergaud, Heiner Schumacher and Valérie Smeets), January 2019.
  • “Heterogeneous Globalization: Offshoring and Reorganization” (with Andrew Bernard, Teresa Fort and Valerie Smeets), November 2018. Latest version.
  • Productivity and ICT in Denmark” (with Valerie Smeets), November 2018. Under revision.
  • "Offshoring and Productivity Mismeasurement: How Big is the Issue with Micro-Data?", May 2018.
  • "Robots, Jobs and Productivity", May 2018.
  • “Recent Evolution of Markups in Danish Manufacturing”, May 2018.
  • “Technological Change and Its Implications on the Labor Market, Productivity and the Nature of Work: Survey of the Evidence” (with Jakob Munch, Morten Olsen and Valerie Smeets), May 2018.
  • “Deregulation and Spillovers in Multi-Product Production Settings (with Emmanuel Dhyne and Amil Petrin), July 2017.
  • The Impact of Research and Development on Quality, Productivity and Welfare (with Mons Chan and Amil Petrin), July 2017.
  • Assessing Theories of Vertical Integration in Creative Industries: Mergers and Acquisitions in the US Video Game Industry” (with Ricard Gil), July 2015. 
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