I am currently an ARC DECRA Senior Research Fellow, affiliated with the Ethics, Policy & Public Engagement program of the ARC Australian Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES), located at UTas, Australia. I am concomitantly an Ethics Consultant for the Centre for Neurotechnology, for which I conduct research at the University of Washington, in Seattle, USA.

My current research consists in exploring the ethics of novel implantable brain-computer interfaces operated by Artificial Intelligence (AI), in particular the effects of implantable AI-controlled brain-computer interfaces on patients sense of the self, autonomy, agency and control while being treated for neurological and psychiatric conditions (for instance, Dementia, Severe Depression, Parkinson's, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, etc).

I also worked on the ethical issues raised by 3D Bioprinting (including ethical effects of media portrayal) and potential usage of stem cells as treatment for brain diseases and spinal cord injuries. Moreover, I have been working on questions connected to the impact of neuroimaging and medical imaging on the scientific and popular cultures, the debate of equity in the allocation health care resources, concerns over mild-traumatic brain injury in sport and the discussion of neuropathologies related to dysfunctional behavior and on neurodegenerative disease associated with lack of responsibility.

My ORCID site can be found here.