Current Projects

**If you are interested in participating in any of the following studies, please contact the Family Relationships and Adolescent Development Lab**

The Sisters Project

We are currently recruiting teenage and young adult sister pairs and their mothers to participate in this study!  We are looking for younger sisters in middle school or high school who would be willing to come into our lab with their older sisters and mothers.  Family members will be asked about their relationships, as well as adolescent girls' romantic relationships and sexual attitudes, ideas, and experiences.  Each research session lasts approximately 2 hours and each participating family member receives $25 for their time ($75 total per family). 

* Primary Investigator: Dr. Sarah Killoren, Dept. of Human Development and Family Studies, MU; Co-Investigator: Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, MU

* Funded by Dept. of Human Development & Family Studies, and an MU Research Council Grant awarded to Drs. Killoren & Campione-Barr

Siblings in Military Families Study

We are currently recruiting parents of military dependent children (ages 5-18) to participate in this short online survey study regarding the quality of the sibling relationship between first- and second-born children in their families.  If you qualify, please take the survey at the link below!

* Primary Investigator: Keisha Bailey, McNair and Honors Scholar; Thesis Mentor: Dr. Nicole Campione-Barr, Dept. of Psychological Sciences, MU  

Transition to College Study

    Beginning in Fall 2012, we collected data from first year college students about their relationships with mothers, fathers, siblings, best friends and romantic partners. Additionally, for first-born, first-year college students, we are also collected data about the sibling relationship from their second-born siblings still at home.  The study seeks to examine how close relationships change during the transition to college and how changes may be similar or different across relationships.  While this study is no longer accepting new participants, we will be following-up with the original participants during the 2015-2016 academic year. 

* Primary Investigators: Anna K. Lindell, M.A. and Dr. Nicole Campione-BarrDept. of Psychological Sciences, MU

Funded by a Faculty Incentive Grant from the A&S Alumni Association awarded to Dr. Campione-Barr