French for Foreigners

Français pour les anglophones

Laurence Beauquier- Laurence graduated of FLE (french for Foreigners). She, herlself, arrived in Greece at the age of 25, and had to learn another language. She prepares her students to DELF and DALF diplomas but first evaluates their level and separate people in small groups to make sure everyone gets it.


Fridays from 2.30 till 4.30 pm at the former library, 3 rue de l'ancienne mairie. Foyer rural card (insurance) (15€/year) + 80€/quarter.

For those who travel a lot, you also may get a 2 hours class for 10€ or 5 classes for 40€.

Reduction for people from the same family: 70€ for the second.

First course friday september 21st, 3 rue de l'ancienne mairie at Saint Thibéry.

Please fill the test and application and send her through email to save time and work ot groups (test below).

Her email is