The Slides

The slides

Part of building a challenge into class and keeping things lively have been my exceedingly controversial PowerPoint slides. I can promise you that they are not boring, and my hope is that they might hopefully train up students’ ability to keep pace with a heavy flow of information.

Results have been mixed. Some people liked them:

“The powerpoints he makes are really amazing. I found them interesting and never have I paid so much attention in class.”

“Loved the class powerpoint slides! They were very engaging!”

That said, this page aims not for rank self-promotion but just to show all of what I’ve learned from students. I am ready to advertise that these slides are a work in progress, as is my teaching style, and sometimes students found the slides and lecture really unhelpful.

“The visual aid (PowerPoints) used in class were often much too dense, difficult to understand, and addressed a bit rapidly.”

“Less info on each slide, please! Overload”

Oh, that was too polite, though. Try this:

“Sometimes the lecture was tangential and convoluted.” Okay about that.

No, stronger:

“The slides were…for lack of a better term, kind of an information clusterf**k at times.”

Ah yes, this is my favorite bit of criticism: someone actually came out and said it.

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