Interrupt me

I am very interruptible and leave room in my lectures for people to make something new out of it

That same person (same person!) as said the above also said the following in the next breath:

“Damian is very helpful if you ask him a question and his presentations (although crowded) are generally good and helpful for understanding concepts.”

And see, that’s the fun thing about teaching here. The students reach up and make something new out of the class. That’s not to say I go up there with an incomplete plan, but it is to say that an important part of class is that students are ready to make the classes more their own, and I’ve only grown and learned as a teacher as students have felt more comfortable.

Again, some people thrive with the challenging presentations or don’t even notice that anything is different or weird:

“The lectures were extremely well organized and presented.” & “The instructor was a good lecturer.”

It astonishes me that any two of these people had the same professor, let alone that it was me.

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