Does the food & drink(s) included on the food tour constitute a meal or just samplings that add up to a meal?

The tour will make between 4-5 food stops. Typically, 99% of guests leave the tour full.

How much walking is involved?

You will walk about 1.4 miles.

Are the tours wheelchair friendly?

Yes. The restaurants you will visit for your tasting are wheelchair friendly. All food tours must follow a strict schedule with the places visited; please take this into consideration upon booking.

Are tour guide gratuities included in the price?

Gratuity is not included. If you enjoyed the tour, it is a kind gesture but you are not held to give a gratuity.

What languages are available for the tours?

Tours are in English.

What about vegetarians?

Some of the tastings have no meat or fish but might have eggs or milk. If you are 100% vegan you may be only able to sample a very small number of the tastings unless you let us know with advance notice (10 days or more). Unfortunately changes are not always able to be made to the menu after the tour starts.

I have dietary restrictions, what do I do?

Please let the guide know about any dietary restrictions at the beginning of the tour (i.e. food allergies) and remember that the menu is pre-arranged and cannot always be altered depending on when we were notified.

Is photography or video at the restaurants and tour allowed?

Photos are encouraged. Video is permitted as long as it doesn't record the tour guide for an extended period of time. Any tour guide reserves the right to ask for filming to stop.

What happens if it rains?

Tours operate rain or shine. You are advised to carry an umbrella and dress appropriately for weather conditions. In the event of a severe storm with lighting, your tour guide will suspend the tour at his/her discretion keeping in mind everyone's safety comes first.


Are stops and tastings subject to change?

Yes. Stops and tastings are subject to change without notice.


Unfortunately, the menu is set prior to your tour and cannot always be altered. You are responsible for double checking with your tour guide about what ingredients are used on all of the dishes you will taste.

12 HOURS MINIMUM ADVANCE BOOKING REQUIRED. All tours do not include hotel pickup. A meeting location on South Beach will be specified once you book.