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Our Food Tour company offers an in-depth presentation of culinary history paired with local specialties, served in a restaurant environment. We want you to know this is so much more than just food tasting; it is a fun and informative event. After groundbreaking work, we have carefully selected what we believe to be the best places that portray local South Beach cuisine. We offer our Food Tours to those who want to sample the most-unique, absolutely-delicious dishes in South Beach; in establishments that are both adventurous and handpicked.

What Is A Food Tour?

It is amazing...

"Y" Eat with us. A food tasting from local restaurants, eateries, and cafes.

"U" Explore with us. Walking with a tour guide while visiting architectural, cultural and historical points of interest along your tailored route.

"Mmm" Experience with us. Getting familiar with an area and gaining awareness through a satisfying and engaging experience. It is an exceptional Food Tour opportunity for locals and visitors equally!

For a minimal fee (visit ticket purchasing site for food tour dates & prices) we can give our foodie friends (you) what you want to taste in little to no time! We also realize you may not know where to start and doing research by Internet can be time consuming and often unreliable. So we came up with a solution about letting us do the hard work to create a personalized itinerary for you (our foodie friends) that explores each food tour destination with some history, Miami Beach facts, attractions, and of course menu suggestions. For those eaters who have unique taste buds be forewarned that this is a fun Food Tour experience to try new foods you may not have tried before or prepared differently than usual. If you open your mind to different cultural food and just go with the flow you will have so much fun.

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