Music at Merivale Fallowfield

Music is an important part of congregational life at Merivale/Fallowfield. The Fallowfield Choir has expanded to include a contingent from Merivale and has also attracted several fine soloists. On special occasions, the choirs sing at both churches. There is choir practice at 7:00 pm at Fallowfield every Thursday from mid-August through mid-June. The choir enjoys exploring a wide variety of musical styles and choir practice is always a happy occasion.

Special thanks to the choir for their weekly participation and for their special anthems and musical pieces throughout the year. They certainly add to the services.

Our Organist/Choir Director

Assistant in the Ministry of Music

Barbara Fraser

Barbara Fraser coordinates and leads music services for the two churches. The choirs practice weekly during the fall and winter months and sing, either together or individually, at both churches.

She is largely responsible for the atmosphere of reverence, joy and enthusiasm that prevails in the choir.

Svetlana Logigan

Svetlana Logigan was born in Russia, where she started to study music from the age of six at Music School, and continued her musical education in Music College and Conservatory. She is passionate about music and enjoys playing for the church services and working with the choir.