Selected Discussions

Andrade, Gaballo, Mengus and Mojon "Forward Guidance and Heterogenous Beliefs"
Mertens and Ravn: "Fiscal Policy in an Expectations-Driven Liquidity Trap"
Benigno (P) and Ricci: "The Inflation-Unemployment Trade-off at Low Inflation"
Monacelli and Perotti: "Redistribution and the Multiplier"
Davig and Leeper: "Monetary-Fiscal Policy Interactions and Fiscal Stimulus"
Cook and Devereux: "Sharing the Burden: Monetary and Fiscal Responses to a World Liquidity Trap"
Barthelemy and Marx, "State-Dependent Probability Distributions in Non Linear Rational Expectations Models"
Aghion, Hemous, and Kheroubbi: "Credit Constraints, Cyclical Fiscal Policy and Industry Growth"
Ciccone and Papaioannou: "Entry regulation and inter-industry reallocation: theory and evidence"
Costantini: "Firm Dynamics During an Improvement in Financial Development"
Julliard and Paustian: "Computing Optimal pOlicy in a Timeless Perspective"