Confederate Units

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    Department of the Gulf 
    The Department of the Gulf, Confederate States Army was established in 1985 in 
    anticipation of the 125th Anniversary of the War Between the States. Today, the 
    Department consists of an Infantry Brigade of two Battalions. The Florida 
    Battalion of Infantry (First Battalion) and the Georgia Volunteer Battalion 
    (Second Battalion). Also, there are affiliated Artillery Batteries and Cavalry 
    Detachments that serve with the Department during various campaigns.

    The Department of the Gulf is commanded by Major General Thomas L. Jessee. 
    Major Roger L. Statzer, Assistant Adjutant General.

    • D.O.G. 1st Division - Florida Battalion of Infantry Website 
    • D.O.G. 2nd Division - Georgia Volunteer Battalion 





    • 4th Alabama Cavalry: 
      A member of Hardy's Brigade. We are a new unit starting this season with Horses and riders from all over Florida. We are seeking new members. We accept men and women. 
      Unit contact is 1st Sgt. Jay Nicely at




    Medical Corp

    • 2nd Florida Medical Corp.:  
      We are a family friendly Medical reenacting/living history unit (This is not a real-world medical unit - DEMONSTRATIONS ONLY) and a member of the 2nd Fl. Vol. Inf. and the 47th NY. Vol. Inf.   Contact - Maj. Dan Parenti , Field Surgeon -