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Every beer is better when it is brewed with Florida grown hops!

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-> Dried whole cone Cascade hops and gift items are available at the Kumquat Growers Gift Shop ( www.kumquatgrowers.com ) Monday thru Saturday. -> Casper Secret APA (made with our hops) is on tap now at Craft Life Brewing, Land O Lakes, FL -> Tampa Bay Times article -- Jan 31, 2019

Florida Hop Growers LLC is dedicated to the production of local "farm to brewery" Florida grown hops for the local home brewing and craft brew industry. We have 21 varieties of hops planted in our FL hop yard. Check out the "Our Hops" page for details.

Hops are cone-shaped flowers of a climbing bine. These bines use stiff hairs on their main stem as anchors for climbing (and not tendrils like vines). There are separate male and female plants and only the female plants produce the hop cones. The bines will climb 20 ft or more up any available support and are commonly trained onto coconut coir twine or strings when grown commercially. The cones somewhat look like pine cones in shape but are light green, thin and papery. At the base of the petals of the hop cone are yellow lupulin glands which produce the oils and resins that are used by brewers in beer production.

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Based upon your interests, Florida Hop Growers LLC will provide information covering activities, events, and news related to our FL hops. We promise not to spam you with a bunch of random junk to clog your inbox. Get hopping!

Video of Pasco Brewers Guild visit to Florida Hop Growers.

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