About Us

Florida Hop Growers LLC is a State of Florida Division of Corporations certified Limited Liability Company (LLC) devoted to planting, growing, harvesting and selling local "farm to brewery", Florida hops for use in beer production by craft brewers and home brewers.

We are 4th and 5th generation Florida farmers. In 1883, our great grandparents came to settle in the community now known as St. Joseph. Most residents of St. Joe grew strawberries, citrus and vegetables, plus raised hogs and chickens, according to a column published between 1896 and 1900 in a San Antonio newspaper. Residents began growing Kumquats in 1914. Today, St. Joseph is known as the "kumquat capital of the world" and the annual Kumquat Festival in neighboring Dade City draws over 40,000 attendees each year.

In recent years, local craft breweries began making kumquat beer with fruit from our sister company Kumquat Growers. Here at Florida Hop Growers LLC, we are now producing Florida grown hops to provide another local "Fresh from Florida" ingredient for Florida's craft brewers.

Florida Hop Growers LLC is also certified by USAHOPS (Hop Growers of America).

US Hop Grower #: FL502

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Questions, comments, concerns? Shoot us an email at info@floridahopgrowers.com

Florida Hop Growers local "farm to brewery" Florida grown hops