We at the IATSE Local 835 and the Florida IATSE JCTC offer a number of different training classes covering subject areas such as New Hire Orientation, Journeyman training, Carpet Specialist training, First Aid classes, Customer Service and both Aerial and Fork Lift certifications. 

New Hire Orientation
Offered to only those who have completed an Application at the IATSE Local 835 business office located at 7131 Grand National Drive, Suite 102 Orlando, FL 32819.
Applications are available on the Local 835 website   Applications are only accepted certain times of the year, usually in the 4th Quarter. 

After submitting your online application via email, you will be scheduled by email to come into the Training and Application Office for a group interview. New applicants must have a valid photo ID, Social Security card and any required Work Authorizations when they arrive for the interview. 

After completing a Safety Certification and the Orientation, you will be eligible to be referred to jobs on a show by show "call as needed" basis.
Helper Task Manual - Mentoring Program
New Hires can pick up a Helper Task Manual after they receive their first paycheck at the Local 835 office.  After signing in at job site. they should have their Helper Task Manual visible and look for a Mentor who will be wearing a green Local 835 ID badge.  The Mentor and New Hire can work together and the Mentor can answer any of the New Hires questions about work and the referral hall system during the normal flow of work. 

Helper Class

New Hires will attend a 2 day training which features basic trade show skills and terminology. They will participate in setting up a practice show. Starting with measuring out the show floor, they will lay carpet, deliver furniture and build exhibits. 


Aisle Carpet Team Training
Along with three good evaluations, this is a required course for Carpet Team Certification.



Journeyman Training
A four day training course currently offered twice a year.  In addition to a 1,000 hours in the trade show industry, this is a required course for Journeyman status under the General Decorator Contract.

 Mentor Program
Members wishing to participate as a Mentor and work with New Hires to help them complete their Helper Task Manual will attend Mentor Training sessions and agree to sign the Mentor contract.

Freight Trainee

Certified fork lift operators can enroll in the Freight Trainee program. A GES, Freeman, Allied Brede or Sunbelt fork lift certification will be accepted. There are two classes that must be successfully completed. One is Freight Paperwork and the other is Fork Operation.

Once a Freight Trainee has been approved to operate on the show floor, they are paid the trainee rate until they have 500 freight hours. After 500 hours, they will receive the Journeyman pay rate. After 1,000 hours, they will receive Journeyman pay and benefits.