Since summer 2016, I am an Senior Teaching Associate at the University of Bristol (U.K.), you can view my Bristol Page.

I did my PhD student in Arithmetic Geometry, i.e. between Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry. My PhD supervisor was  Damiano Testa, at the University of Warwick (U.K.)

I am interested, among other things, in the following topics:
  • K3 surfaces
  • Field of definitions of curves on surfaces
  • Picard groups
  • Decomposition of lattices in root lattices
  • Monodromy groups
  • Higher Education, in particular how to teach mathematics
  • Outreach work

On this site you can find talks I have given, papers I have (co)written, teaching I have done, and notes I have taken (when I was a student). Various information such as organisation roles and awards received can be found on this page.
My CV can be found here. (updated 08 - Jan - 19)